Written by Richard

18 Feb 2019

The nights are long, dark and cold at this time of year. We were cheered up last Friday to receive a call from an old colleague of my wife’s, visiting London over the weekend from his new home in the north, asking if we’d like to join him and another pal who also knew Linda on Saturday evening.

Linda was delighted but insisted she would cook and we’d eat in, (hardly the weather for wandering around the west end in high heels she suggested).

It worked for us, the kids from Linda’s first marriage were with their father – I’d never met these colleagues and having been married for just a couple of years was keen to discover more about Linda in her previous life.

Andy and Steve arrived bearing bottles of bubbly at 7.00 – the lasagna was in the oven, so we chatted amiably in the lounge, woodburner blazing, champers slipping down easily. Linda and I are both 34, Andy looked in his 50’s, tall and slim with a full head of grey hair, Steve somewhere between us in age, smaller and shall we say “well built”. For the benefit of the reader, I’m medium height, build with a few grey stands appearing, Linda is a petite redhead and she says “with no boobs and a boys bottom”. Not true but you get the picture. She’d lectured in an FE College in south London with Andy and Steve for three years in her early 20’s after Uni.

The conversation flowed as easily as the wine over the lasagna and as tends to happen in such circumstances, some of the comments became more daring. Andy reminded Linda of her most embarrassing moment – she’d bent over to get something from a filing draw in the staff room. She hadn’t realised her trousers had split. Wanting to avoid VPL she had worn a g-string so her bare bum had been visible to staff and students alike as she went about her day. She had no idea how long she’d been on display and only became aware of the issue when she sat down in the lecture hall after 30 minutes of class, the cold plastic chair raising the alarm!

Finally we left the dinner table and repaired to the lounge. Brandy’s all round, I sat in my usual chair, Linda who likes to lie down on her sofa was having sit on it between Andy and Steve. As quiet contentment filled the room I remembered Linda’s ex had brought over an old box of her stuff he’d found in the loft. She hadn’t bothered with it but I’d fished out some DVD’s which were unmarked and had planned to watch at some point. Thinking they would be of Linda when she was at home with her parents or whatever, I fished it out of the cabinet and went to put it on – Linda asked what it was, I simply replied something from yesteryear and pressed “Play”.

None of us were prepared for what started to play on screen. At first a somewhat innocuous image of Linda sat on an older, rotund and balding gentleman’s knee. She was dressed smartly, court shoes, black skirt and white blouse. Her arm was around the chaps neck, her eyes blasted – smoke or drink – her long straight shiny red hair hanging loose. His hand on her knee. Where he looked the camera moved to. A rather butch looking girl, short dark hair down on a pretty blonde.

“OK Turn it off” Linda said, somewhat animated. “It was during my college days, Laura told me she had a friend who made a lot of money entertaining foreign businessmen. She arranged it.” Laura it turns out was the pretty blonde.

Andy and Steve looked stunned but were enthusiastic when I suggested we watched more …..

Butch ended up with a strap on giving Laura a good seeing to and then the foreign businessman said something. His hand was up Linda’s skirt. She stood and moved over to the bed where the two girls had been giving their “show”, they in turn were on their knees both giving businessman a BJ.

The camera panned back to the sofa. Linda was joined by five young men, all smartly dressed but not for long. Indeed, she was soon wearing nothing but black stockings and suspenders and apparently enjoying a bareback gangbang!

It was proper porn, cum shots and everything. Even a double creampie. And she seemed to be having fun. I was shocked. Jealous. And more than a little annoyed that she’d kept this past secret from me. Only last October we were in Copenhagen and I’d suggested that we visit a swingers club to be told she wasn’t “that sort of girl”.

I went to the kitchen to draw breath. Linda came in. “I couldn’t stand the thought of you with another woman, that’s why I could go to the swing club in Denmark”. That’s never been my thing. Linda is such an uncontrollable nypho when she’s in the mood, it’s that which excites me, her desire for more cock. I told her. I’m a watcher. “So we’re good with that silly DVD then?”

“There’s seven more to enjoy” I told her.

“But not tonight” she said with a cheeky grin and almost danced back into the lounge. I topped up drinks and sat down looking at the three on the sofa.

Steve’s hand was on Linda’s knee. “You’re quite a girl” he smiled, struggling to talk, his voice croaky. Sat opposite them I could see up Linda’s dress. White brief panties, flesh coloured hold ups beneath a red dress. Likely no bra. Andy moved his arm around her shoulder. She looked up toward him and his mouth locked onto hers. Steve moved his hand onto her breast, caressing it through the thin material of her dress. When he moved his hand away I knew she was braless – her nipple was standing proud against the material.

I felt weird. Jealous watching two men canoodling with my wife. Yet with a stonking hardon. Wasn’t sure what I wanted to happen next. Happily it wouldn’t be my decision.

It wasn’t long before her dress was around her waist her little B cups being adored by her two ex-colleagues, her legs slightly apart with dress ridden up showing her little white panties. I was sure I could see a damp patch. She smiled, looking straight at me, Steve’s short and stubby cock in her left hand, Andy’s somewhat larger offering in her right, rhythmically moving up and down. “You OK with this?” she asked. Three male voices, mine included, emphatically croaked “Yes” in unison.

She smiled and turned to Andy’s cock, cupping his balls she slid her mouth over the full length, gagging as she pulled back off it’s length, saliva dribbling down it’s length. Her rear was facing Steve, hesitantly he stood, removing his clothing and placed himself behind Linda. He pulled her panties down and started to finger her. “God you’re wet” he almost whispered. Taking a moment Linda looked over her shoulder, “Go on, slip it in then” ….

I was almost coming in my pants, sat watching this all unfold. I could feel my face burning, stomach churning and desperately wanting to fondle my own rod. I resisted in the knowledge that a couple of strokes and it would be over.

A few minutes on, Linda decided to shift position. She sat on Andy’s knee, legs wide open either side of his, looking at me, smiling that cheeky smile of hers, reached down and slowly guided Andy’s cock inside her. Her face changed, pain, grimace, then relief, then joy. I had a perfect view. He was in her bottom. Steve was fondling her boobs, then she beckoned him, “I have a vacancy around the front”. Now I couldn’t see anything but Steve’s back and hairy arse pumping as he drove his thick cock in and out of my wife’s pussy. Loud groans, moans and severe clenching of buttocks and Steve had spent his load inside her. Slowly he moved away and sat beside her. Andy was making noises now. She slid off his ridiculous cock and went on her knees at his feet taking him in hand and licking and sucking and squeezing his sac. He erupted all over her face. The money shot I think was for my benefit. Spunk was dribbling out of Linda’s pussy, hanging for a moment before landing on the inside of her stocking tops.

All was quiet.

Linda came over and sat on my knee, “Your turn darling husband” and kissed me. Andy’s splatter on her face rubbing against mine, the taste of him as we kissed. Andy and Steve dressed quickly and made their excuses, thanked us for a brilliant evening and we all roundly agreed that we’d do it again. Soon.

We hardly made it back to the lounge before I was naked, cock bobbing about as we scampered to the sofa, the previous hour replaying in my mind on fast forward as I entered Linda, still tight but sloppy as heaven. Steve’s lubricant meant I didn’t last long and whoosh … we didn’t stop, we’d recover, fondle and in my mind the tape would restart and we’d be at it again, slowly and come daylight, pleasantly painfully we’d still be locked together.

Can’t wait for next time – or better still a different experience with new faces.