Written by FirstKnight

17 Nov 2012

i had spoken to this lady briefly and then got a chance to speak to her in more detail when I was on the golf course. I must admit I couldn't concentrate on my golf, as we chatted it was obvious that there was a spark, in fact our chat had made me very horny and when i got into the car she asked me to get my cock out and wank as she told me what she wanted me to do with her and what she liked.

We arranged to meet the next day and I must admit I was really looking forward to meeting this naughty lady. On the morning we texted a few times just to confirm location and time, She had told me we would have a coffee first and see if we had a physical attraction, which i thought was a good idea. She asked me how i would like my coffee, i had cheekily told her semi naked with a nice hot wet pussy.

I arrived at the house. knocked the door, she shouted for me to come in. Imagine my surprise as I entered the kitchen to see a very sexy lady dressed only in matching pants and bra, we looked at each other and then had a very slow sensual kiss. I'd didn't take long for us to decide to go somewhere more comfortable.

We went into the living room and without saying a word, i had undone my zip and Lady A was greedily sucking on my nice hard shaven cock, boy did it feel good, i stripped naked and she lay on the leather settee legs wide open, but still wearing her panties and bra.

We started to kiss again, the kisses we slow sensual and very passionate. My cock was straining against her silk panties and she moaned as it pressed against her clitty. Normally i like to take time slowly building up the sexual tension, but it was just so obvious that we were horny and hot for each other, it did not take long before i was pulling on a condom and I got to experience her tight hot wet pussy around my cock.

I fucked her slowly to start, long slow strokes, sometimes taking it the whole way out so it just pulsed against her pussy lips. She told me to lay on my back as she wanted to ride my cock and that gave me a chance to play with her wonderful tits and hard erect nipples, flicking and sucking them deep between my lips.

As we fucked like that, i asked her what her fantasies were. She told me she would like another man to walk into the room and catch us, I asked if she would like the other man to join in, and she said yes, this seemed to get her really really aroused as she rode my cock hard and soaked me as she came all over my cock and balls. I told her she was a drity naughty girl and she just laughed, i asked her if she wanted to do it now, have another guys join us. without hesitating as she fucked me she picked up the phone and had phoned 2 other guys.

would u like to know what happens next