Written by Sue

15 May 2014

My husband came into the bathroom just as I was putting the finishing touches to my freshly smoothed cunt. He made no comment.

Around 20 years ago I had paraded, naked, before him proudly showing him my newly shaved cunt. He asked why and I told him that I was hoping it would encourage him to take more interest in it/me. It didn't work. A few years later he asked why I still kept it smooth and I told him that I liked it like that. It has been my regular pleasure to keep it perfectly smooth at all times and my husband has not commented on it again.

After he left the bathroom I sent my txt – 'NFC 30-35 25 Max' There is a lot of safety in apparently random numbers and letters. There is also safety in larger numbers like 60+ or nearly 70. After all who would imagine that a woman of 60+ would have a lover or that said lover was only a month short of 70. As I dried myself the 'phone vibrated on the tiled window board. 'dib dib dib'. I enjoyed another little cum.

I cum easily and frequently. Just the thought of cock makes me cum a little. I slipped out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. I could hear my husband downstairs. I zipped up my skirt and fastened my bra. My summery top was in the kitchen. I put it on, picked up my handbag and shopping list then pecked my husband on the cheek. 'Back in about an hour – need a few bits for the medical bag and some more Euros'. At the traffic lights I took the 'shopping' from the glove box and put it in the shopping bag. The Euros went into my wallet.

The lift to the 2nd floor was empty and my bra joined my thong in the handbag. The flat door was ajar and I pushed it open. He stood at the end of a short hallway, in profile, naked and his fist around the stiff cock that I knew so well and loved so much. He was stroking it gently and I saw my most favourite sight. A little dribble of pre-cum glistening on the very tip. I licked my lips.

By the time I knelt before him I too was naked. My top was on the hallway carpet and my skirt fell around my feet as I knelt. I took his beautiful cock into my mouth and started to play. I loved his cock with a passion. I loved to touch it, stroke it, lick and suck it and if I couldn't have his spunk in my cunt then I would have it in my mouth.

20 years, or so, ago this man had slipped his had under the hem of my skirt, worked his fingers up the inside of my thigh and into my knickers. He didn't have to struggle, I was ready for it and somehow he knew. Once in my knickers he tenderly finger-fucked me to a massive, beautiful orgasm. When I had recovered he removed my skirt and knickers and buried his head between my parted legs and started to eat my hairy cunt. He totally ignored my pleas to cease and desist, I'm delighted to say. As I felt myself getting to the point of no return I begged him to stop. He didn't and try as I might, I couldn't stop myself cummin very noisily and very wetly all over his face. I tried to apologise but he would would have none of it saying 'If I hadn't wanted you to cum I would have stopped when you begged me to!'

Up until that time I had never sucked a cock, to be honest I'd never actually tossed a guy off. Stroked it a little but nothing more. Now I wanted to suck cock! His cock! And make him cum in my mouth as he had made me cum over his face. I unzipped his fly, got his cock out and buried my head in his lap taking as much cock as possible into my mouth while stroking it frantically. I slowed eventually and started to concentrate on what I thought would please him. His stiff cock showed that I wasn't doing too badly.

'If you carry on like that you will make me cum!' I carried on like that. 'If you don't stop now I shall cum in your mouth!' I didn't stop now! I felt his hand rest briefly on the back of my head, then it was withdrawn. He didn't need to worry, I wasn't going to move my head away when he came. I wanted a mouthful of his spunk. I wanted to return the pleasure he had just given me. I felt him tense, his hips moved involuntary upwards pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I heard him sigh softly, then he jerked and I felt a warm slippery essence pump into my mouth. I swallowed. He jerked again. I swallowed again and I swallowed every time he jerked and kept his cock in my mouth until I felt it loosing its rigidity. That night I shaved my cunt smooth and paraded my handiwork for my husband.

'So', he said, 'you Need a Full Cunt in the next 25 minutes, eh?' I nodded, it's not polite to speak with your mouth full. He helped me to my feet and led me to 'our' bedroom. There was a firm pillow at the centre of the bed. I laid with it just below the small of my back, raised my knees and parted my legs. I needed to be fucked and I needed to be fucked then and there. Seduction was not required! He knelt between my legs, pushed them up and back so I resembled a chicken in a roasting dish, held them wide apart and I guided his cock into my cunt.

Then he pushed, hard, deep and straight into my sopping wet cunt. I came immediately! He started to fuck me properly. Hard and fast alternating with slow and gentle, moving my legs around. Rolling me up and down on the hard cushion to alter his angle of penetration. Parting my legs, folding them at the knee and pushing them hard against my tits. I had no control over myself or him. I was being taken and fucked. His toy to do with as he pleased. It was exactly what I needed.

'A cunt full of spunk?' 'A cunt full of spunk!' I repeated. 'Sure?' 'Certain!' 'Kneel up!' I knelt quickly, parting my legs and thrusting my arse out to great him. A wide leather strap flicked under my belly and he grabbed the handle as it landed on the bed pulling me back onto him. I held his cock head to my cunt lips and waited. I was pulled onto his throbbing cock and held tight against its root.

When I needed a hard fast fucking ending with a cunt full of spunk doggy did it every time! I used my cunt muscles to hold his cock and he used the leather strap to pull me onto his cock and pound me hard, deep and fast. My orgasm started with the first thrust and he always emptied his balls into me very quickly. He said it was the sight of his cock getting buried deep in my cunt with each thrust that made him cum so hard and fast.

'Sure?' 'Yes! I am going to take your spunk on holiday this afternoon! I want to feel it inside my cunt all through the flight and the coach ride to the hotel. I'll let it out when I am in the pool this evening then every day I can swim with you all around me!

With three more hard, deep, urgent thrusts he filled my cunt with his nice fresh spunk. We collapsed on the bed and rested for a couple of minutes.

I was back home within forty minutes of leaving but now I had a little wad of tissue plugging my cunt hole, preventing the precious spunk from escaping and a pad of tissue inside my knickers was keeping the plug in place. My husband was taking me on holiday and I was taking my lover's spunk with me!