Written by Matthew

11 Aug 2013

My wife took the kids away on holiday last Wednesday with her parents, she'll be gone for two weeks, so this morning I got up cleaned the car and then thought I'd go for a run in a local country park.

I parked and went for a run. Sometime into the run, I was bursting for a pee, so I went into a heavily wooded area thinking no one will see me there. I was standing there with my shorts half way down my thighs and having finished my pee, I got the urge to have a wank - no one around, and I've always been a bit of a naturist, so I let my shorts drop to the floor, then I heard a noise behind me, I turned to see this guy standing there with his cock in hand having a wank and grinning. I said 'sorry mate, I didn't think anyone was around' All he said was 'nice arse'.

My cock was already hard and I could see he was trying to look at it, so I kicked my shorts of and turned around fully to let him see it. He came closer, and before I could do or say anything he knelt down and took me in his mouth and began to suck and wank me. I have never been suck by a guy before and the speed it happened took me by suprise. But I could feel myself cummin and told him - he just carried on sucking and wanking me.

I couldnt hold back, and came in his mouth, which he swallowed every last drop and carried on sucking me dry. He then stood up, pushed me to my knees and said 'your turn'.

I've never even touched another mans cock, let alone sucked one. SO I did my best, I took him in my mouth, letting the cock push right to the back of my throat then pulled it out and repeated it over and over again, I played with his balls at the same time.

Suddenly I tasted his precum and without saying anything, he came in my mouth, he held my head and said 'swallow it bitch'. All I could do was obey and swallow every drop he pumped into my mouth. When he finished, he pulled up his trousers, turned around and walked off without saying a word. I was left there kneeling on the ground, naked from the waste down, with cum still in my mouth.

I dressed and walked back to the car and drove home. When I got home I shower and imagined the guy fucking my arse - I'm going to go back for 'another run' later and see if there anything else I can experience.