Written by aqualibra

18 Feb 2014

Some of you will have read my story on 31st Jan (Old man to massage my wife). And a few may have read the comments so if you read the first one it will come as no surprise that the writer is a either gifted clairvoyant or has inside knowledge. If I were you I’d put my money on the second so let’s call them M and T. M and I exchanged a few messages then all went quiet. You’ll remember he had said it was the first and last time so it was a surprise when, just before Easter, I got a message suggesting another meeting in late April or early May. Even more surprising M wanted me to find another man (again, over 65) to give T a double fuck – WOW!

I set up a room, something like ‘Man 65plus wanted to join established 3some in S Oxon’ You wouldn’t believe how difficult this is, answers from all over the country, men under 45 or can’t make the dates. I thought I had found some possibles but they fizzled out. Another try, now in mid April, was no better. I was for giving up but M had a trick up his sleeve and suggested I get in touch with one of his contacts so one evening in May we all met, my place.

So, about half an hour before I expected the others R arrived so we could get a bit acquainted, just to ease things along later. About 70 and still fit looking R was easy to get along with so we were well relaxed when M and T arrived. After some brief intros M went upstairs so set up his kit as we settled downstairs and started a bottle of white. I guess it was having a new man there that made T a bit reserved, keeping her coat on as before, but it couldn’t hide her gorgeous legs – those black hold-ups hinting at what was to follow. By the time M came down we were all getting on well and another glass helped us on our way, upstairs. Before going T slipped her coat off. She looked stunning wearing what I had suggested, a short black skirt as before, and the same see through blouse which made it quite obvious she was braless. I think R was even more impressed than I was, we couldn’t wait to get upstairs.

So there was T standing between us, each squeezing a breast while M caught everything on cam but we weren’t going to stay like this for long. As we unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it apart the full roundness of her breasts, tipped by full firm nipples, showed briefly before hands were all over them and the blouse was discarded onto a chair. Two men, four hands, two breasts and two mouths sucking two nipples – so horny. Not quite a first for me, but that had been soft swinging, this, I knew, was going to be a lot different. T was soon wriggling out of her skirt as we helped it towards the floor.

No sign of that reservation now as she lay back across the bed, R standing by her head leant forwards to reach her breasts as she reached for his cock and pulled it to her mouth. Meanwhile she lifted her bottom as I pulled the black thong away to see - OMG – dark pubes framing those gorgeous lips. T had asked last time about my preference. I like it all ways but if there is a choice it’s a nice bush and full lips. My head sank towards heaven, my tongue probing deep inside or sucking a mouthful of delicious pussy. An urgent feeling from below said my cock wanted in on the action. As she pulled her legs further back I took in the sight of smooth thighs clad in black nylons leading to her wide open lips while her other lips still busied themselves with a R’s hard cock. M was by my side, camera in action, as I was taken over by the glorious feeling of slipping and sliding and pushing into a willing woman.

The detailed sequence of events gets a bit blurred after this. I was perched rather awkwardly on the edge of the bed so that T’s urging me to keep going was a bit redundant and I reluctantly had to withdraw. R’s face was soon where mine had been, T lay back eyes closed as my cock touched her lips and her mouth opened to draw me in. He certainly seemed to be do a satisfactory job with his tongue judging by the moans and gasps from my end and before long he was thrusting between her legs.

Again we changed places, more tongue fun but now I wanted my favourite fucking position, especially with someone endowed as well as T. With me lying on my back she straddled me and lowered her pussy over my vertical pole – what a sight, first up straight thrusting her breasts out (god they don’t droop at all) and the leaning forward they rubbed my face before hanging there as I pulled and squeezed before slapping them to and fro, harder and harder, too hard it seemed to me (but I was told later it was still not hard enough). Meantime R was getting another BJ just inches from my face – get better than that?

More to-ing and fro-ing and trying various positions until finally we were either side of her, head laid back, cock in each hand, that look on her face that told us what was coming next. R worked on himself steadily and vigorously until he suddenly stopped and a huge jet of cum shot from his rigid cock onto her neck. No more was wasted as she gobbled his cock which pulsed several more times into her mouth. R was spent, it was 1 o’clock so a quick shower and he was off on his 60 mile trip home.

Time to draw events to a close. My turn to satisfy T’s urge for cum. No match for R’s offering but after not too much effort I too was coming over her face as she opened her mouth and welcomed me, still spurting, into the warmth of her mouth. God I love my come being taken like that.

‘Don’t expect any more’ – well that night had been a bonus, I must just enjoy the memories.