Written by Mike

18 Mar 2015

I've lived next door to Maria and her son Jonathan for some years now. Jonathan is in his late teens, at college and a nice lad. I helped him with his homework in the past and now he helps me carry my bike up and down the stairs when the lift isn't working. His mum is very quiet, shy and keeps herself to herself. We chat now and then but that's about all. It's a great pity as she is very pretty and has tits to die for!

On the day in question Jonathan was carrying my bike down the stairs, lift failed again! “How's your Mum? I haven't seen her in a while.”

“She's not very happy,” he replied, “her 'puters playing up. She won't let me look at it, maybe you could sort it out for her?” I told him that I'd have a look if she asked. He said he doubted she would ask but 'thanks anyway'.

After lunch I was taking my rubbish to the bins in the yard and met Maria on the stairs. “Jonathan says you're having problems with your computer. Would you like me to look at it for you?

She looked startled, shocked and guilty all at the same time. “No! No thanks. It's fine. Really, it's fine.” she blurted out.

A strange reaction I thought. “Hey! No worries. Do you think there might be anything on your machine that I haven't seen before?” I joked, trying to make light of it. “If there is I certainly wouldn't object to discovering something new. I'll pop in once I've dumped my rubbish. Put the kettle on and we'll get it sorted in no time.

Then she did another strange thing, she cast her eyes to the floor and in a very small voice said “Yes.” To say I was intrigued was an understatement.

Twenty minutes later I was sat before the frozen machine with a nice cup of tea on the computer desk. Maria was wearing a blouse but despite being buttoned to the top button it couldn't hide the swell of her magnificent breasts. I didn't plan to fix the laptop too quickly! “What happened? I asked, “And don't say 'it was like it when I turned it on!” I smiled as I said it. Again I got the oddest feeling that I was making her respond.

“I was on the internet and suddenly it froze. I couldn't get off the screen, it wouldn't do anything. I just turned it off.” she admitted. “I couldn't let Jonathan look in case the screen came up again.” she finished in a very small voice.

WOW! What was she looking at I wondered. “Leave it with me! Don't worry, whatever was on the screen your secret's safe with me.” I told her.

She looked very relieved and in another small voice said “Thank you. Should I stay with you or wait in the kitchen?”

What? Asking permission in her own house? “I should like you to stay, if you don't mind.” I said resisting the temptation to add 'so I can enjoy looking at your magnificent boobs'. She stood beside me, as if waiting for further instructions. Odd? I disconnected the laptop from the mains, removed the battery and waited for a minute, making small talk while struggling to look at her face and not her magnificent tits.

Reconnected and battery replaced and press 'On'. Bugger! It fired up perfectly! Quick as you like I said “Now lets see what might have caused the problem.” Opening up the browser I clicked on History. Maria stood silently beside me. Her face didn't change in the slightest. An expression of a resigned acceptance on her fate but at the same time she seemed not to be unduly worried. She just stood with head bowed as if waiting for me to do or say something. To give her an order or instruction.

The web page popped up. I was careful not to bat an eyelid, my turn to show no reaction at all. Maria stood without moving, no expression, no reaction, nothing!

“Are you a paid up member of this site or do you just read the stories?” I asked gently.

“I read the stories. I love the stories.” she admitted quietly.

“This is part 3, have you read the previous two?” I asked.

She looked surprised. Maybe that I knew it was part three of a series. “I have,” she admitted, “And I'm waiting to find out what happens next.” she added.

“What did you enjoy about part 1?” I asked.

Maria again looked surprised then started.

“I loved the way Stan discovered his wife doing dirty online sex and instead of blowing his top he understood instantly what she needed. He forced her to continue, I loved that. Then he promised to take her to the Fat Man so they could both use her. Just the thought of that made me cum.” She shuddered as she admitted it.

“You liked the idea of her being used? You imagined it was you in her place?” It was a gentle enquiry but my heart was racing.

Her head was still hung, eyes staring at the floor but she was much more animated. “Yes, I did. I was jealous.” that quiet voice again.

“And what about the Fat Man? Did you like him and the way he treated her?” I was probing, looking for, I'm not sure what but I knew it would be worth having if I found it.

“The Fat Man was a stern Master, he made her do things she had never done before. She was a good slut and did everything she was told to do, and loved it,” she answered, “He showed Stan how she needed to be treated then left Stan to carry on. Stan will be a good Master.”

“Was she a good slut when she climbed up into the Frenchman's truck?” I asked.

She didn't hesitate with her answer but still looked at the floor. “Yes, a good slut. She knew what her Master required and didn't hesitate to suck the Frenchman and show off her mouthful of spunk. She put on a good show for the Englishman as well. A very good slut.”

Although she stood still and looked only at the floor she answered my questions without any hesitation and without embarrassment.

“You are the Bitch and it is you climbing up into the Frenchman's truck,” I told her, “in your minds eye watch yourself sucking his cock and making him cum in your mouth!”

It was a long shot but I thought it worth it. She started to moan softly, her head began to nod back and forth. Her mouth began to move as if sucking cock. Then she shuddered! I said nothing as she continued with her imagination. After a few minutes she shuddered again and she looked up, straight into my eyes, and opened her mouth, moving her tongue as if pushing spunk around.

“Good slut,” I told her, “you can swallow now.”

She swallowed, licked imaginary spunk from her lips and said, “Thank you Master.” She seemed to come out of a some kind of self-induced trance.

“Do you have a Master?” In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought.

“He left me when I became pregnant with Jonathan. I couldn't do what he needed when he needed because I had to look after my son.” she said. A simple reply with no emotion whatsoever.

“I think you have made your panties wet?” I suggested. She nodded in silent agreement. “It's not good to wear wet clothes, take them off.” I said quite firmly. Would she? Wouldn't she? I waited with bated breath.

She reached down for the hem of her skirt and started to lift. “No!” I said, “take your skirt off.”

Her hands went instantly behind her back and I knew she was unbuttoning and unzipping. I couldn't believe my good fortune. Her skirt slid over her hips and onto the floor. Beautiful legs and a nice slim thong. “Now your blouse and bra!” That was definitely an instruction.

There was no hesitation that time either. Soon her big beautiful puppies were bouncing with the joy of freedom before my startled eyes. Such delicious areola! Such glorious erect nipples!

“And your wet panties.”

She slipped them down gracefully and stood straight before me, legs nicely parted. She was clearly back in Master/Slave mode.

“You have a very smooth cunt.” I observed.

“Master told me, before he left, that I should always keep it smooth....” she replied then hesitated.

I knew there was more and probed “And.....” I invited.

“He instructed that if I let a man see my smooth cunt then I should ask him to fuck me. I was to do this until I found another Master who would then give me his instructions” She didn't seem at all put out by this statement. She was simply stating what her instructions had been.

“I've seen your smooth cunt.” I stated simply.

She glanced at the wall clock and for the first time I saw worry on her face. “What time is Jonathan due home?” I asked.

“Four o'clock. Twenty five minutes.” she said. There was a kind of pleading look on her face.

“Bring your laptop around to mine at seven and ask me then. Tell Jonathan that it will take a long time to fix your machine.”

“Yes Master, thank you Master! She replied with obvious relief.

It's ten to seven now. The Viagra is beginning to kick in and so I'm going to stop writing and make doubly sure everything is ready for Maria to meet her new Master.

A very big thank you Stan.!!!