Written by Andrew

14 Jan 2016

I live in East Sussex, I've been married for nearly 30 years, I'm nearly 50, I do love my wife but she's reached that stage where she doesn't really want sex even though I still have a fairly high sex drive, and things aren't that good between us so as I work away from home on a 6 month on / 6 month off basis it suits me fine and because I work in the same location in Yorkshire, I decided that it'd be cheaper to buy myself a small place locally and when I'm not working away I used to rent it out to the other guys who work the opposite 6 months, but they eventually brought their own places, so mine now sits empty for 6 months.

Anyway, when I was away last year we had some really bad storms and because the heavy rain had flooded the buildings basement it caused a power cut that we were told would be repaired for the rest of the day, so everyone went home.

My house is a small 2 bed cottage in the middle of nowhere, it's about 15 miles from the office and I have to drive through a couple of small villages and plenty of country roads to get to.

I left work about 11am and drove home, on the way I came across several heavily flooded roads and its lucky I drive a Land Rover otherwise I'd have never got home. I had just passed through one of the local villages and as the speed limit changed to a national I put my foot down to get home quicker (busting for a pee), as I rounded a bend there was a large flood across my side of the road and half the other side, I couldn't slow down otherwise I might go into a skid, so I took my foot of the gas and let the car slow itself. I still hit the water at about 35-40mph and sent a large wave crashing into both sides of the road. As I hit the water I noticed a woman walking on my side with her back to me, so she didn't see the wave coming - it covered her from head to toe. When I exited the flood, I pulled up on the side on the side of the road and got out to apologise to her. Her bags had split and her shopping was laying on the floor (nothing perishable luckily).

As I approached her she was bending down picking up her shopping so I offered her a lift home, she said she lived quite a distance away, so I often for her to dry off at my house which was less than a mile away. She accepted. I put the shopping in the back of the car and opened the front passenger door for her, as she stood and turned I noticed that she was in her early 20's, about 5ft 5in tall, blond hair and very heavily pregnant.

She climbed and we drove to my house. I introduced myself as Andrew, she said 'my name's Melissa, but call me Mel'.

On the way she said 'thank you for letting me dry off at yours, my parents would go mad if they found out I walked this far'. I said 'its the least I could do, it was my fault'

We reached my house and went in, I directed her to the bedroom and gave her a towel and a bathrobe to wear. A few minutes later she appeared wearing the robe and hold her soaking clothes, which went straight in the washing machine.

'I'm afraid your clothes need a wash, that water was filthy, so it might be an hour or so to wash and dry.' I said

'No problem' she replied

We sat and chatted in the kitchen over a hot drink. I said to her 'you said you live with your parents, not the baby's father, if you don't mind me asking?'

She replied 'he left when he found out I was pregnant, not seen him since'

'How's your parents about you being pregnant?'

She said 'they're old fashioned, said I shouldn't be pregnant and unmarried. I do wish I could get out of there, they are so smothering'

She reviled that she was 22, she used to work on a local farm but had to leave once she discovered that she was pregnant because of the risks to the baby.

We sat and chatted about things for about 20 minutes, then I asked if she fancied a shower and then something to eat, she accepted and I showed her to the bathroom. I was just leaving when she started to undo her robe, as it opened I caught a glimpse of her very swollen belly and of her perfectly smooth pussy, as I looked up she caught my eye and I said 'sorry, I didn't mean to look' but she had a smile on her face and just she 'no problem, I'm not fussed if you see me completely naked' and with that she dropped her robe to the floor. Her tits were swollen, her nipples dark and hard and very large.

I said 'I'll let you shower' and walked out. My cock stirring.

I made some lunch and a few minutes later she she appeared wearing just the bath towel wrapped around her.

'Hope you don't mind, I think the bathrobe was dirty from that water' she sat down and ate.

We chatted some more and I asked when she was due, 'in nearly 4 weeks' she said.

I thought I would risk it, so I said 'forgive me for saying this, but your ex must be mad leaving you with a body like that, and you look so sexy with that bump' (I have a thing for pregnant women). She just smiled and said 'do you think so'

I replied 'I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it'

She stood up, dropped the towel exposing her lovely smooth body and bump. My cock immediately began to harden.

She said 'so you like this then?' All I said was 'Ooooooo yes', she replied 'is it turning you on?'

I nodded. She stepped forward and let me touch her belly, as I did I noticed that her nipples were beginning to harden. I gently kissed her nipples and she gave out a little gasp. She took hold of the back of my head and held it as I sucked on her swollen tits, as I sucked at a nipple it produced a little milk, I sucked harder and took more of the milk into my mouth. She gave a gasp and said 'suck harder, my tits are so swollen they hurt'. As I drank her milk, I slipped on hand up her legs and found her silky smooth pussy, slipping a finger in between her lips I pushed into her pussy which was already wet, she gasped again and said 'oh fuck, I haven't had anyone do that for months'. I carried on fingering her and sucking at her tits for a few minutes, she suddenly said 'I need to sit down, I'm going light headed'.

I helped her into the lounge, I sat her on the edge of the sofa and she leant back, spreading her legs, I knelt between her legs , slowly ran my tongue up her thigh to her pussy and gently pussy my tongue between her lips, finding her clit. I then slowly began to lick her clit as I slide my fingers in and out of her very wet pussy, she began to moan and kept saying 'oh fuck, keep doing that'. After a few minutes of licking at her clit, she grabbed hold of my head and pulled it into her forcing my nose to rub her clit as my tongue pushed into her vagina. She was panting and thrashing about, I knew she was about to cum. She produced loads of juices, which I licked up.

After a few minutes, her orgasm subsided and I stopped licking. Mel said 'thank you, I've been getting really horny lately and using my dildo doesn't do it for me'. All I said was 'do you want to cum again?' She nodded.

I stood up, took off my shirt and trousers, then slowly dropped my boxers, my very erect cock springing straight up in front of me. Mel lent forward, pulled my foreskin back exposing my bell end, which was covering in my own juices and took it in her mouth, the feeling was fantastic. After a few minutes of her sucking and licking my cock, I said 'kneel on the sofa'.

Mel turned around, knelt on the edge of the sofa and leant on the back, her arse sticking up just at the right level for my cock. I slid my cock up against her pussy lips and gently pushed in, she moaned as I entered her. I gently pushed in an inch at a time and then pulled out, after several goes I was all the way inside her, Mel was moaning and saying 'oh fuck'.

I started to slide in and out of her, getting a steady rhythm. I reach around her with my left hand and took hold of her left tit, squeezing the nipple, then I slide my right hand around and down to her pussy, finding her clit and gently rubbing it. She jumped and, as I began rubbing it and sliding my cock in and out, she began moaning a deep, constant moan.

After a few minutes I could feel myself cummin, She said 'I'm cummin too' so I sped up the rhythm and as I shot my first load of cum deep into her, she began bucking as her orgasm ripped through her. After we both subsided, we both fell onto the sofa exhausted, all Mel said was 'thank you, I didn't think anyone would want to fuck me in this state'.

I said 'I love the look of a pregnant woman, I think it's so sexy, give me a few minutes and we can do it again'

We did it 2 or 3 time more that day and then I took her home. She came to my house the following 3 weekends, then I had to go home to Eat Sussex. The first week I was home, she called me to say that she had had the baby, a little girl, and that now she had had it, she didn't expect me to fancy her again. I said 'you're fucking joking, when I'm back up you can stay with me'.

A few months ago, someone attempted to break into the house one evening, but was unsuccessful, so I'm allowing Mel to live at the house full time - gives her room with the baby from her parents, she can look after the house and I get a very warm welcome when I go back up there in 2 months.