Written by Andrew

11 Jun 2016

Things have developed in my relationship with Mel, that will ensure that we should have a very happy future (other than the fucking almost every night).

Some weeks ago, I was at work when my wife called me very unexpectedly in the middle of the day. She asked if I could come home that weekend as she needed to talk to me. Mel had made plans to be away with her sisters over the weekend, they were going to a Spa for her birthday, so I said that I would go home on Saturday morning and be back either late that night or first thing Sunday (depending on what the wife wanted to talk about and traffic).

When I got home from work that Friday night, I walked in to the smell of something delicious cooking (Mel is an excellent cook). I walked into the kitchen and there was Mel standing by the worktop wearing nothing but an apron, which just covered her ample sized tits.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity, so I walked behind her and slide my arms around her waist and under the apron, she turned her head and gave me a really deep wet kiss. My hands worked their way down to her pussy and I slowly started to finger her. Within a few minutes she was begging me to slide my cock into her, so not being one to disappoint, I undid my fly and released my already hard cock, as she is only 5’ 5” tall and I’m 6’ 3” it was difficult to slide it in from behind easily so I turned her around, lifted her onto the worktop as she pulled the apron off, fully exposing her naked young body. I gently pushed it in and started to fuck her. I had been really horny all day thinking about her and it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load into her pussy as she orgasmed. As she orgasms, she likes me to suck on her tits as it seems to intensify her orgasm - so I obliged, taking long deep gulps of the ample amount of milk that she’s still producing.

She says that when I don’t suck her tits, they get very painful due to the amount of milk she’s still producing - even with her daughter breastfeeding.

When she had finished her orgasm, she said ‘go shower, dinner is in 20 minutes’

I disappeared upstairs and showered quickly, coming back down wearing only my dressing gown. When I walked back in the kitchen Mel was still wearing nothing, so I walked up behind her again and slide my hands around her waist and up to her tits, finding her nipples I started to play with them, my cock starting to stir again. Mel pushed back against me, she could feel my cock pressing against her back, all she said was ‘save that for dessert!’ I slid my hand down to her legs and could feel her inner thighs were sticky (obviously from my cum), I slide a finger up to her pussy and felt my cum still inside her, she then took hold of my hand and slowly sucked my cum from my fingers. I nearly came there and then.

We ate dinner with Mel still naked and still with my cum in her. When we finished she said ‘and now for dessert’. She stood up, walked around the table, knelt in front of me and undid my dressing gown, taking my hardening cock in her hands, she slid her lips around my shaft - the feeling was fantastic. After a few minutes of her sliding her lips up and down my cock, she stood, stepped either side of my legs then slowly impaled herself on my fully erect cock. I felt the tip of my cock pushing and rubbing against her cervix as she slowly rocked back and forth on me. I took hold of her tits and gently started to squeeze her nipples, she gasped and said ‘suck them hard’, so I did. Again sucking down the sweet milk she produced.

After a minute or two of her rocking and me sucking, she was orgasming, she held onto me around the shoulders and as she came she dug her nails in. After a minute her orgasm subsided and she collapsed against me, I was still hard inside her and gently moved my cock back and forth, this made her jump a few times as I was rubbing her very sensitive g-spot.

Mel said, ‘cum deep in me again’. I picked her up, my cock still inside her, carried her to the lounge and placed her on the sofa. I knelt in front of her and slowly began to slide my very hard cock in and out of her very wet pussy, after a few minutes she was orgasming again and I could feel myself getting close. I lifted myself up slightly so my angle of attack was greater and I pushed deeper with every stroke. After a minute or so, I was shooting another load into her pussy, her orgasm was still going as my first shot pumped into her. Mel wrapped her legs high around my body to allow me to get as deep as I could, as my second, third, fourth shots pumped into her. I pumped about 8 or 9 shots into her that time.

After we both came down, we collapsed on the sofa for about 30 minutes before going to bed and fucking all over again.

The next morning we woke and had a quickie with Mel taking the cow-girl position, her lovely tits bouncing around as she slid up and down my shaft, before I came inside her again. We then showered and had breakfast. Just as I was leaving her sister turned up, Mel deliberately gave me a very deep kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth. Her sister jokingly said ‘for fuck sake, get a room you two!’

I left and drove back to East Sussex. I had my suspicions about what my wife wanted to talk about, and so I could remember every little word she had to say I turned on the dictaphone that I use at work and slipped it into my shirt pocket.

When I arrived at my home, my wife was sitting in the kitchen with some paperwork on the table, she explained that she had been seeing another man for about 18 months, when I was away she literally moved him in. After she explained, I sat there looking at her. She said she was really sorry, but she wanted a divorce. She had all the papers ready as he was moving back to Australia and she was going with him, she also said that she was letting me have the house as he was ‘well off’ and they didn’t need any of the money I had saved, she also said that she didn’t think it was fair, her cheating on me and then asking for half the house (I never mentioned Mel).

She asked me to sign the papers, I refused and said I would take them away and come back with them in a week or two. I left and drove all the way back to Yorkshire, getting back early evening.

I read the papers and it actually said she was divorcing me on the grounds that I had committed adultery (she had no idea about Mel).

When Mel got home on the Sunday, I explained what my wife said and then she listened to the tape, Mel was shocked but she laughed when I said I hadn’t mentioned her. On the Monday I called my solicitor, explained what occurred and asked him to draw up some divorce papers on the ground that she committed adultery and some papers for my wife to sign to say that once divorced, she would never ask for anything (money or property) ever again. A week later I returned to East Sussex and got her to sign the papers, then I signed the papers.

So, I was now free to live with Mel and we will have a large house in East Sussex as well as the house in Yorkshire, as well as my very well paid job. So no worries.

We then spent the rest of the weekend fucking every which way - Mel had brought a book on ‘sexual positions’ and wanted to try some out!

A week after signing the papers, my managing director calls me into his office to say my boss (my director) is retiring on health grounds and I will be taking over his job! No ‘if’s or buts’ he says! I’ve been doing his job for over a year while he’s been off, so no difference really.

But - Result!

A couple of weeks ago was my birthday, Mel gives me a present and then says ‘unwrap it’, so I did and found a box inside another and inside was a small pair of booties. I looked at her and she then says that when she hadn’t started her period for well over a week, and she says she’s normally regular as clockwork. She checked with several test kits, and all of them said ‘positive’.

So, I will be having a baby with this gorgeous blonde 23 year old! We then spent the next couple of hours ensuring that she was pregnant.