Written by Andrew

27 Apr 2016

The other day I wrote and told you about the night we went out for a meal with Mel’s parents and she was so pleased that they liked me she wanted to celebrate by going to the picnic area where we fucked naked before, and repeat it all over again, while we were there another couple about Mel’s age appeared and watched us while they fucked. Mel had gotten the girl to suck her tits while I fucked her from behind, then the girl told Mel to come back the following Friday as she’d be there without the guy.

Anyway, the Friday came and Mel was getting nervous, about 9pm, she said I’m just going to shower and get ready, and she disappeared upstairs. About 30 minutes later she came down wearing the big coat her mum had brought her while shopping, I asked what she was wearing so she undid the coat to reveal that she was naked underneath except for a pair of black hold-up stockings. My cock immediately sprang to attention.

I asked her what she was expecting to happen and she replied “I’m expecting to eat pussy and get mine eaten”. So I said “So am I just going to watch?” To which she replied “No, you’ll be fucked too”. I said “by who”, all Mel said was “maybe by both of us, you’ll have to wait and see”.

We drove to the picnic area arriving about 10pm, as we pulled into the lane, the same car was there that we saw the previous Friday, but this time the windows weren’t steamed up. I slowed as I passed and saw the same girl sitting in the drivers seat. I parked up and Mel jumped out of the car and went to the other car, as she approached the girl got out of the car and they chatted. The girl was wearing a heavy coat too – so I was imagining that she was naked underneath too.

I walked over and Mel said “this is Andrew, he’s going to be the father of my child” holding onto my arm “Andrew, this is Claire”. We both said hello.

Claire was about mid 20's, just taller than Mel, about 5’ 7”, slimmer than Mel, and had smaller tits, she had dark brown collar length hair.

Claire then said “I feel really nervous, I’ve never gone 1 on 1 with a girl, have you done this before”. Mel said that she hadn’t, but as I was here it wouldn’t really be 1 on 1 with a girl, then Mel said “I thought Andrew might help us both relax and maybe make you cum too”.

I wasn’t expecting that, I thought that Mel wanted to keep me to herself.

Claire thought about it for a moment then said “that’d be cool, I’ve often wondered what it would be like eating pussy while being fucked”.

We wondered over to the picnic area, the weather was cool, but not raining like the previous week. The two girls stood there and Claire said “I’m nervous, how do we start”. So I suggested “how about kissing, that should break the ice”. So the two girls stated to kiss, it looked so erotic watching them kiss, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. After a few minutes of kissing, Mel reached down and undid Claire's coat, as she opened it I noticed that she was wearing a bra and a thong, nothing else. Then Mel started to massage Claire’s tits thought the material, Claire gave a low moan. Claire reached over and undid Mel’s coat, as she reached under the coat, she stopped kissing and looked down, surprised that Mel was naked underneath.

Both girls let the coats slip off, Mel was standing there completely naked except for the stockings, Claire wearing very sexy underwear. It was either the weather being cool or Claire had gotten Mel excite, but her nipples seemed bigger than they are normally when she's aroused.

Mel reached down and slid a hand into Claire’s knickers, Claire parted her legs to give Mel better access, then let out a ‘hhhhhmmmmmmm’ obviously Mel had her finger in her pussy.

After a few minutes of fingering her, Claire reached around behind her and undid her bra, releasing her tits, they were a nice size and her nipples were very erect. Claire then looked at me and said “take my knickers off”, so I stepped forward took hold of her knickers and slide then down, Mel didn’t stop fingering Claire. Claire then reached down and slid a finger into Mel’s shaven pussy.

The sight of watching two girls in their 20’s finger fucking each other while kissing was too much for my cock and it was bursting to get out of my boxers.

After a few more minutes of fingering each other, Mel said to Claire “I want you to lick my pussy”, she then took Claire by the hand and walked over to the table, climbed on it and lay back, her arse was some way from the edge so Claire had to lean over to reach, but Claire slowly starting to lick at Mel’s clit, Mel lifted Claire’s head and said “do you want Andrew’s cock in you”. Claire nodded, then returned to licking Mel’s pussy.

I stripped off and stepped up behind Claire, she had a lovely pert arse, and the way she was lent over the table meant that I could easily see her pussy lips. I moved her feet wide apart and then slid my cock up to her lips and gently pushed, it was so easy to enter her as she was so wet from the fingering. I pushed all the way in and Claire gave a moan, and then said “fuck that feels good”. I slowly started to slide in and out of Claire's pussy as she licked at Mel’s pussy. I could tell that Mel was loving being licked as she was moaning like she was going to orgasm, I kept fucking at Claire’s pussy, I then reached around Claire and started fingering her clit while I slid into her. Mel was moaning louder and louder, so I knew she was about to cum. Watching Mel having her pussy being eaten by another girl really got me going and I could feel myself about to cum, Claire suddenly started to buck as her orgasm hit her, this made Mel start hers too, and I couldn’t hold on any longer as I shot my load into Claire’s pussy while she was orgasming. Neither Claire, Mel nor I said anything about not cummin’ in her, so I just did, she didn’t complain about it either.

When we all stopped climaxing, the girls swapped places and Mel started to eat at Claire’s pussy. As she first licked Claire’s pussy, Mel looked at me and said “I taste your cum, that should have been mine”. I just said “don’t worry there’s plenty more where that came from”.

As Mel licked Claire’s pussy clean she insisted that I fucked her, I have never recovered as quickly as I did that night, the thought of cummin’ in Mel’s young pussy while she licked another obviously helped quicken my recovery. I had to lift Mel slightly in order for me to reach her, but as I slide into Mel’s very wet pussy and pounded away the sight of these two naked girl’s being licked to orgasm was enough to start my own climax again. Soon I was pumping cum into Mel’s pussy, but this time it was heavier than it had ever been before. Mel came as I came and then as my cock went limp I moved around the table to watch as Mel was licking Claire to another orgasm.

Eventually Claire came and when she finished, she lay there as Mel licked at her juices.

The girls sat there for a few minutes, still naked, kissing each other. Then Claire and Mel swapped phone numbers and Claire left.

We returned to the car and Mel sat there still naked but with her coat around her and then said “you came in her, that as my cum”. I replied “I thought that was what you wanted, after all you did say that I might get fucked by both of you. I’ll make it up to you”. So we drove home and spent the next hour fucking, the thought of watching both the girls fucking each other made me more hard than ever, which Mel noticed.