Written by Part Time Fun

18 Oct 2009

I know there are a lot of stories posted on here that you read and find them entirely unbelievable, however I must state to you now that the following is 100% real. I am that excited by it that I just had to share it with you all. I have just started a new job in Peterborough and had to relocate from Norwich, not knowing the local area I decided that the best soloution was to take the bull by the horns and explore. One Sunday afternoon after lunch, I told the wife I was off to have a bit of a wander with the dog and would she like to come, the decline was to be the making of this encounter. I got into the car and headed to a nearby wooded area that we had seen whilst coming and going in and out of Peterborough. It always seemed to be busy with plenty of walkers and joggers in the area, so I decided to park up on the layby and have a walk with the dog. There must have been about 30 or so cars plus 5 or 6 trucks all parked up. I found the entrance to the wood, all be it over a locked gate and set about my stroll. I had only been walking about 2 minutes when I noticed that there were lots of other men having a stroll along with the odd couple. I was heading down toward a large water treatment building adjacent to the river when to my amazement in the distance I noticed what looked like 2 men knelt down performing oral sex on a 3rd man. Not being a prude I found this a shock considering it was broad daylight, as I turned to walk the other way I found a gentleman roughly in his 60's approaching me. He walked closer and without hesitation said " What you looking for fella". To this point it still hadn't registered what was occuring and where I was infact walking. I asked him what he meant and he replied, " You looking for fun then?" I froze. The sudden realisation of where I was hit me like a ton of bricks, I had stumbled unknowingly onto a cottaging location. For some unknown reason as I have never been in to blokes I siad, " Just having a glance mate" then walked off. As I walked off I turned over my shoulder to see the guy who I had just spoke to heading toward the group. I headed up the track about another 10 feet then turned and hid behind a large tree. I peeped around the trunk to take a look at what was now happening. The guy I had just been speaking to had taken no time at all to become aquainted with the group as I could now see his large cock hanging over the top of his track pants and entering the mouth of one of the knelt men. I couldn't believe what was happening. I suddenly felt me groin twitching, I was actually getting an erection over all this. My mind was all over the place, I had never had feelings like this before. I was in 2 minds over what to do, I was telling myself to walk away as this was crazy. However there was something drawing me to the action. I made up my mind and decided I wanted a closer look. I walked briskly back to the car, opened the door, rolled down the rear windows slightly and put the dog in the car. I locked up and headed back to the action. The closer I got I found myself trying to talk myself out of it as my nerves were getting the better of me. As I got nearer one of the group noticd me and they all stood up and quickly rearranged themselves to hide their guilt. I pretended that I hadn't noticed them and walked around the other side of the treatment building. Just as I was turning the corner a took a glance back and they had dissapperead. I carried on walking alongside this building and turned at the other end. WOW....I couldn't believe my eyes. Over in the bushes there was a group of about 6 men surrounding a young man and woman who were knelt down. This group were not that startled as I approached like a moth to a flame. As I got closer I noticed that it was infact the same group I had seen not 2 minutes previously along with a few other men. The woman knelt down I had not seen earlier. She was about 20 ish, brunette and was stunning, she was naked from the waste up and had a short tartan skirt with knee length leather boots on. The other guy kneeling was roughly the same age and was also naked from the waste up, however he had his trousers around his ankles with his member dangling freely between hi legs. I couldn't help myself, I just walked straight over just to about 20 feet short of the group. The girl saw my and beckoned me over. I didn't require a second invitation, I immediatley walked over. My erection was bulging hard against my trousers. I hadn't been that hard for a long time. As I hit the circle around the 2 kneeling, the girl reached out with her right hand and unbuttoned my trousers and reached into my boxers and pulled out my blisteringly rock hard cock. To my embarrassment there was already pre cup pretruding from the top. She knew it wasn't going to take a long time for me to cum and removed her lips from the guy's cock next to me and sunk them around mine. My balls stiffened with excitement and a wave of joy spread across my body. I lifted back my head and closed my eyes. The realisation of what was happening hadn't quite hit me as yet. After all its not every day you stumble across this sort of thing. I felt the lips around my cock loosen then come off completely, closely replaced by a firm grip of a hand. I looked down to find the guy next to me pulling me off. In complete amazemant I didn't pull away. I was infact loving it. The girls mouth was now fixed to his again. The guy looked at me to gesture toward the guy on the other side of me who was wanking his own cock. I glanced down at it and without hesitation reached out a hand to it. The moment a felt the heat of his cock inside my palm my cock stiffened even further. The guy pulling me off noticed this and giggled. I was in heaven, this was something beyond my dreams. What seemed like a minute had goone by when the young guy on his knees released his lips off a cock and reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tub of vaseline. I instantly knew what was now going to happen. He opened the lid, scooped out a blob and gave the tub to the girl. He rubbed the blob of vaseline into his hands and vigoursly rubbed it all over the guys cock. He then turned around rubbed the remaninder into his arse and then knelt on all fours. The guy then knelt behind him and in no time at all sunk his cock into his ass. This was the tip of the iceberg for me. I instantly shot my load into the guys palm and over the back of the girl kneeling. She didn't stop she just ran her hand into the spunk on her back, then to my amazement rubbed it into her cunt. This must have been the catalyst as each guy in turn took their cocks inn hand and wanked over her. Coming all over her face and hair. She was covered in spunk and was loving it. Having just come not a few minutes previously a felt me cock stiffen at the sight of this once more. The guy who I had been wanking off, zipped himself up, fondled the girls tits and then just walked off with not so much as a bye or leave. The girl was now squated down with her hands between her legs rubbing as much as the cum into her snatch as she could. She then turned lay down a coat and lay back onto it with her legs apart into the face of the guy being buggered. He instantly buried his head into her cum soaked cunt and lapped it all up. She was flicking her clit at some rate and was shuddering all over. She was not long of coming, then all of a sudden the guy bumming the lad, pulled out his cock and stuffed it into her mouth. She gulped at like she was a porn star. The lad beckoned me over, he pulled at my cock and motioned it towardhis asshole. I knelt and he guided my cock deep into his red hot ass. It was all squeclchy with the vaseline, but it was amazing. My trousers were now around my ankles when I felt a warm digit rubbing my asshole. I had once before felt this happen when my wife returned home drunk from an Anne Summers party, but was not into anything like that. But now, along with all the other things happening had completely lost my inhabitions. I pulled apart my knees slighty to reveal a little more of my ass whilst still fucking this lad. The sure feel of the vaseline was now rubbing my bumhole along with the fingers of one of the other guys. I felt one enter me slowly at first, then I felt it push in past the knuckle then right to the palm of his hand. It felt brilliant. I came not long after the 2nd finger entered. All of sudden without warning the lad got up did himself up, put on his sweater, lifted up his partner off the ground who put her coat and and both walked away. Followed by the other guys. I couldn't understand what was happening. I stood up, took out a handerchief from my pocket, rubbed down my dripping cock and did myself up. I headed back to the car with the visions of everything that just happened racing through my mind. At the car I got in and sat there for about 30 minutes getting myself together, all the time my cock stiff from the thoughts of what had happened. I think the dog is going to require a lot of walks in the future........Any of you guys who were there and may read this, I hope to see you down there again some time. Thanks for the accidental introduction.