Written by Arlington_49

8 Sep 2014

I recently posted our introductions to Drew and Lillian, our new Royal Opera House ‘seat neighbors’ sharing our box arrangement. The prior couple opted a distant move…selling their seat subscription to Drew and his wife several months ago. Judi and Lillian hit it off pretty early, taking opportunity of Drew’s absence from several events. Some weeks following a stroke of pure luck allowed me a meet with Lillian at a local coffee shop. I went for the opportunity and used Lillian’s bi affair with my wife as a means to play with her. It worked…and all sorts of interesting manner since developed.

I knew Judi nurtured her ongoing les affair with Lillian…BUT I was also aware my wife was in midst of several party three-ways with Lillian and her husband…at least I presume they are threesomes! My first fuck date with Lillian was very telling. I sensed she and her husband were into some modest S&M…Lillian talked about her hubby ‘punishing’ her for her lesbo inclinations. I also learned her husband would ‘punish’ her love partner…my wife. However, until my last meet-up with Lillian last week…the 4th over recent months…I wasn’t aware how heavy S&M the couple is inclined.

First time engaging Lillian, I up front saw some of the results of her sub role. Her lovely breasts are tear-shaped…relatively modest…not the heavier pear-shaped of my wife…nor the youthful globe firm. True, that ‘globe firm’ is likely a result of inserts or augmentation…Lillian none of those. She just had lovely, hold-able titties…! BUT, her tits displayed the roughness she talks about. As I kneaded her nipples, I realized how sensitive they are…Lillian would squirm and moan far more than casual feel. Those nipples were often clamped…pulled…tight-tied…by her hubby…OR other love partners. To be honest, I loved it! The lady is played roughly by her husband…and who knows who else…including currently by my wife…!!! It allows me lots of leeway for my modest play…;)

Lillian’s clit is also a wondrous place between those gorgeous, long legs…open to my cunnilingus desire and subsequent missionary fuck play. As tall and slender a lady, her vagina has seen plenty of activity. I know at the Opera House, I first caught Judi fingering Lillian’s love hole. I can understand Lillian being accustomed to such activity…and more with her husband…!

I also sense Lillian is party to…candidly…some sexual perversions. My familiarity and application to S&H is primarily limited to use of torso harnesses. I, and some of my colleagues, like to place our ‘hostess lady’ in a harness…allowing almost total freedom to fuck and use our woman in whatever manner…pussy, clit, anal, oral…whatever. When our lady accepts her harness placement…she’s capitulated to our sexual play! No…here…Lillian demonstrates more S&H depth. That surely came out when she joined me last week at my club…and we fucked into the evening.

In foreplay, Lillian cooed her concerns that I planned to ‘punish’ her…an odd remark given we’ve engaged nicely 3 or 4 times since our first tryst. I calmed her…asked why she would believe I planned to ‘harm’ her that night. She told me…that’s what Drew planned to do with my wife…! My first reaction…holy shit…!! I was under impression Judi was at a 3-day Dublin client meet. Then…I realized…what’s the surprise for me…?? This has long been the manner in which my wife will cover up a heavy affair date…!! Here I thought an evening banging of Lillian was under the radar…my wife traveling…I learn my wife is laying Lillian’s husband while I’m fucking his wife…!!!

However, I asked Lillian for what she meant by “punishment.” Seems Drew gets his thrills acting out BDS&M play with his ladies using various false-innocence scenarios to hard-fuck his lady guests. In essence, Drew was “blaming” my wife for enticing Lillian into a lesbo affair. AND, the fact that Judi and Lillian have been playing now for almost 4 months…fairly regularly as I learned…Drew was all the more passionate about punishing Judi…!

I tactfully asked Lillian…didn’t wish to take my focus away from her…what her hubby had planned for my wife. She then…oddly and amusingly…teared. I mean she quietly sobbed… Appears that’s why she thought I had planned to punish her that night…Drew would be punishing my wife! Seems Drew invited 3 of his colleagues to their residence that evening. Now…NO big surprise for me…again what else is new. My wife oftentimes takes on a modest train at her parties or invites… However, Lillian explained that the sex would be dramatic, and if Judi were not voluntarily submissive, she would be forced upon as in any good BDS&M situation. I knew that meant ‘issues’ for my wife…she’s normally NOT sub…!

I probed further as I lapped at Lillian’s pussy and clit. Lillian seemed to open…she was now relaxed…as much as any woman whose pussy is being eaten out…! Judi would be tethered by arms and legs to a vertical frame…or what I would call harness without seat…;) My wife would then serve whatever interests the gentlemen would have for her. Lillian offered that two of the men were massive…ideal for vertical fucking…! She also explained her hubby would direct to what love hole each man would access…he would set time limits and move his colleagues about…almost as in a game of musical sex chairs. By the way…the ‘time limits’ had nothing to do with gentleness for my wife… No…they were intended to heighten the sexual prowess AND power effects each man would have on Judi.

In effect, while Judi may initially see 4 male partners as relatively light, ‘party-like’ duty…in effect Drew was orchestrating a fuck-my-wife event that would strongly resemble having Judi pull a train of 6 or 7 men…!! She’d have no options. And, to some amusement…I know a bit crass….ALL four men are professionals. Remember…Drew is a physician. His three colleagues are physicians…as I learned from Lillian…all with specialties. One…please don’t laugh…is an OB/GYN…! Another a surgeon…and the 4th…giving me some concern that night…is an anesthesiologist…!! ALL four gentlemen are married…well-to-do…and according to Lillian…ALL quite in the S&M play routines. In fact, deeper into my evening with Lillian, I learned the couples are members of a private S&M club that caters to professionals, their spouses and party sluts…! For all intent and purpose…Judi was being cultivated over the last 4 months…as one of their “sluts.” What fucking reaction did I have to all of this…?

Judi is a grown woman…my wife has heavy-partied many times…gang bangs AND more included! My focus that evening…? Lillian was my focus…! She displayed concern…perhaps even fear that I had similar plans for her… You know what…I wish I knew in advance…I would have arranged like plans for this dear ‘little girl’ of a grown, spoiled woman. I couldn’t revise my plans for last Saturday…so I continued to eat her…taking as much I could of her cunny. I further kneaded her breasts and nipples…she’s obviously used to it…so why not by me…!!

My cock had been ready to work her for an hour…I could barely hold on without exploding the moment I slid into her canal. BUT, I was relatively successful. I worked her legs and thighs…spread her as wide as feasible…given only me in the bed with her. I plunged in and out… While Lillian held my sexual attention, I couldn’t also help not think about Judi’s situation. What was she subjected to that night. I didn’t see my wife until last Wednesday…she had several days to recover, and as typical in our relationship, we haven’t ourselves engaged…yet. NO way my wife would openly display the effects of her seduction and fucking by the 4 doctors… So…my attention…was clearly directed to Lillian’s lovely figure. I would have her that night…three times… Twice I ravished her cunny…and after amusingly shared nap time, when she returned from the salle de bain (my club has several room themes…ours that night was French…) I pushed her lovely body face-down…fingered her anal door…then taking some risk without condom…I played, drilled and fucked her bum… It was the closest activity to sexual punishment I could subject Lillian to…without the aid of friends…NOT present…!

THAT…will change…very soon….! If Judi is subjected to another party with Drew and his colleagues…I will arrange to have several of my colleagues accompany to address Lillian’s “punishment.” My colleagues have no awareness…yet. I’m even concerned they’ll all think I’m a bit touched and delusional. However, the one steady factor here…I know Judi and Lillian will likely continue their affair. If so…Drew will ever likely continue to draw my wife into his S&M circle wanting to make her one of his club’s recruited “sluts.”. Who knows…Drew one evening at the opera…OR even my wife at breakfast one morning…will suggest we join their BDS&M club…!! BIG query for me…should we…should I…???