Written by Sparrow36

26 Jul 2009

My girlfriend and I are in our late 20's and keen skiers. We were really excited to secure a job managing one of the ski lodges in the Australian Alps a couple of seasons ago. (Yes they do have snow in Australia!!)

It was our first season at the lodge which catered for 30 people in 8 rooms, so it was quite full-on looking after the guests who mostly stayed for 3 or 5 nights at a time. The lodge was old and had very thin walls so you could easily hear what your neighbours were saying and doing!!

We had a mid season booking for a group of 6 girls who we put in a large dormitory room located away from the rest of the guests on the bottom floor of the lodge. They were a lively bunch and after only one day managed to get some of the other guests off side with their noise and for leaving the communal kitchen in a pretty messy state after cooking their dinner.

I was asked by several guests to have a quiet word as they were starting to get a little out of control. As I approached their room the music and laughter was quite loud and it took several loud knocks for them to hear me. When I went in I was surprised to only find 3 girls there. They were all in their PJ's and just lounging around on their beds unwinding after a long day on the slopes. They were all pretty full of the drink and I remember the room smelt pleasantly of soap, perfume and wine. They said the other three girls were out at the pub looking for some action but that they had decided on a quiet night instead. They were in their early 20's and all had great figures and looked pretty fit.

I asked them to turn down the music and then proceeded to give them a bit of a bollocking over the noise and the condition that they left the kitchen in. I warned them that if they did not change their ways they would be out of the lodge with no refund on the weeks accommodation.

The became very quiet and looked quite frightened and I was pleased that my little chat was having the desired effect. One of the girls who was obviously the the leader of the group, Donna started to apologise and seemed on the verge of tears. I sort of backed off a bit and said that I was sure they would take the warning to heart and that they would be more considerate in the future. Donna appeared quite relieved and jumped from the bed and put her arms around me and gave me a little hug and started to thank me profusely for being so understanding. We really need to make it up to you, she said and without any hesitation began to kiss me rather passionately.

I was a little taken aback by her forwardness but one part of me began to respond rather obviously and I tried to back off before I embarrassed myself. Donna was immediately aware of my arousal and started to rub the offending part while calling out to the other girls that they had to be nice to me and to apologise so as not to loose the room for the rest of the week.

The other two immediately were off their beds and immediately began to rub my cock and arse through my jeans. Within an instant my zipper was opened and my belt and buttons undone and I found myself exposed to their greedy mouths and roaming hands. I sort of protested that the others might come back but was assured that they were out for hours and they would be told of the goings on on their return and would be probably unhappy they missed out.

In no time at all the girls hungry mouths began taking it in turn sucking me and licking my balls and fingering my arse. I was keen to try to reciprocate but was told I could not touch and to just enjoy myself.

My pants were removed and so too was my shirt and in no time I was stark naked and easy prey for the three girls, Donna, Chrissie and Kim.

I was subjected to the most intense pleasuring with mouths, hands and tongues for what seemed like ages until I was unable to hold off any longer. It was also very difficult to be quiet during this time but I managed to somehow refrain from shouting out too loudly. Donna was quick to realise I was about to blow and expertly lifted her nightie to reveal a shaved glistening pussy. In one deft movement she somehow managed to impale herself on my cock and to the encouragement of the other two girls began to ride me like a professional rodeo rider. Moments later I thrust myself deep into Donna as far as I could and drained my balls inside her hot wet pussy. Donna whimpered quietly as she also had an orgasm, much to my delight, and quickly lept off me while the other girls excitedly crowded round her. I was not the centre of attention any more as the girls began exploring Donna's body with their hands and mouths as they lifted her nightie over her head to reveal a beautifuly toned body with a magnificent set of breasts and a wet dripping pussy.

The girls took it in turn to go down on Donna, licking her pussy and draining all my cum from her red streched lips as I watched spellbound. Luckily my GF was out with some of her friends and was not expected back until midnight so I was not in any rush to finish this amazing opportunity. As I watched the girls take their turn pleasuring Donna I began to stir below and within 3 minutes was as hard as a rock again.

Kim noticed my excited state and moved over to continue sucking my cock slowly at first but then with increasing speed. I was able to touch her and to get my hand down the front of her woolley PJ's, quickly finding her equally wet pussy. I was easily able to slip my finger inside her sopping pussy, and felt her tense as I stimulated her clitty.

I want to be inside you, I whispered to Kim and almost immediately found myself inside the most softest, hottest and wetest pussy I have ever been privelidged to know. I was able to last for a bit longer than my previous attempt despite there not being too much left in the tank!!

We both seemed to float and came together as Donna and the Chrissie, who had finished their session, watched with a somewhat amused grin on their faces.

As I slipped out of Kim, Donna asked if I had forgiven them for the noise and dirty kitchen and hoped that they would be able to convince me that they were not going to upset the other guests for the rest of their stay.

I got dressed and told them that they were welcome to stay for a whole month if they wanted!!! Wait till I tell the others, Donna said as she gave me a big wink and a kiss on the mouth.

I felt myself responding yet again but hurridly thanked the girls and said I hoped to see them again soon as I backed out the door, as I wanted to leave something in the tank for my girlfriend for when she got back.

This was one of many adventures we had at the lodge and if you are interested I will be happy to share some more of them with you.