Written by Kenny

10 Oct 2017

A few weeks ago a friend of mine casually mentioned that a workmate (let’s call him Adam) was arranging a bukkake party for his wife’s 30th birthday. Adam was looking for 10 men of varying age and as I was 55 I might be good for the upper age category!

Anyway, he spoke with Adam and told him about me and a few days later I was provided details of the event date and venue. At this stage neither my friend nor I knew what Adam’s wife looked like only that her name was Alison.

I arrived with my friend at the venue and was greeted by Adam and Alison. Alison was gorgeous, very slim, shoulder length wavy blonde hair, very pretty face with sexy lips painted with red lipstick. There were at least seven other men there and we all could not keep our eyes from Alison.

A little while later another few guys turned up and then Adam made his announcement that the fun would begin. However, he made it clear that Alison would only allow touch by mouth (but no kissing) and there would be no fingering or sexual intercourse. When you wanted to come you had to tell Alison and she would let you know where she wanted your cum.

Alison then took to the middle of the room and Adam unzipped her dress and Alison wriggled out of it. She was, of course, now completely naked and the guys all stared at her delicious body. Her small pert breasts and dark erect nipples were so sexy and her pussy was neatly shaved with a small landing strip of hair.

A few of the men already had their cocks out and were wanking. One guy already had his pants off and obviously wanted to be the first over to Alison to have his cock sucked. Alison was kneeling and very quickly was sucking on two cocks. Another guy started to lick her nipple and another went to lick her pussy.

Most of the men had stripped and were taking it in turns to have their cocks sucked. I guess it was after about 20 minutes that the first guy came and was directed by Alison to spurt his cum over her tits, there was a lot of cum and Alison rubbed it into her skin and then two guys licked it off her nipples. The floodgates opened and another two or three guys came and there was more cum over her breasts and pussy. It was horny watching this being licked from her and as my cocked was being sucked I wanted to come and emptied my heavy load over her pussy and it was greedily licked up by some of the others.

Alison clearly enjoyed the attention, she always had her pussy and nipples licked and she enjoyed making all these men cum. She made every man there come and even swallowed a couple of loads.

When everyone had finished Alison got on all fours and Adam fucked her. I had a great view and after Adam had come he pulled his cock out slowly and the creampie that faced me was too good not to lick and I buried my face into Alison from behind and licked her pussy, which was still in spasm, and the spunk oozed out making her extremely wet and sweet tasting.

We all dressed and spoke for a while; Adam and Alison thanked us all for making her 30th so sexy.