Written by funtime_hunting

26 Apr 2014

some years ago i worked in retail, as a manager, and looking for some

discreet fun with a lady of similar disposition, i.e. attached and

turned on by a quick wet shag.

I put an advert out, and swapped pictures etc with Jayne,she was a size 10,

blonde, shaved and definitely up for a shag,

she was an office worker in the same town, but it would be difficult

to get away from her partner,

We came up with the idea of meeting in the shop, as i was a key holder

on our way to work early one morning. This would need very little explanation

to her husband, and my partner was used to me going in early. We met outside

the shop at 07.00, exchanged a few pleasantries and went straight to the stock


In no time we were kissing our hands exploring everywhere, I had her beautiful

pert tits out of her white blouse and white bra, sucking on her nipples, my hand

ran up her black pencil skirt, as asked Jayne wore stockings, her skirt was tight

as I eased it up and over her thighs and hips, WOW what a sight that early in the

morning, Jayne a stranger stood there tits out of her bra, skirt up to her hips and knickers about to hit the floor.

Sensing there was more to Jayne, I guided her over to a clothes rack, leaning her back against it, I grabbed some display ties, i lightly bound her arms to the rack, she

didn't fight it at all, just relishing the situation she was in.

sliding down her body, sucking her breasts on the way past, I pulled her panties down

and off, fingering her wet bald love hole, then sucking her lips one at a time before spreading them to get at Jayne's love bud, her clit was quite large with a sizable hood that pulled back to reveal the bud that really turned her on as soon as it was sucked.

My cock was bulging by this time, it was even difficult to unzip my fly and release it.

That warm moist feeling of easing it up Jayne I will never forget, just divine.

The shagging did not last long, with our heightened arousal and awareness of the time,

but it was fast and furious, we both came for what seemed like ages, Jayne giving me a little squirt to remember her by.

I pulled her bra down putting her tits away and very reluctantly pulled her skirt down and released her arms, instead of cleaning up she put her panties on and rubbed the spunk into the crotch, saying she was looking forward to having spunk coming out of her pussy for most of the day at work. I put my cock away in its sticky cummy state, and let Jayne out of the door, and on her way to work.

we never contacted each other again, both knowing that it would be very hard to better that sex session, I did see her once at a bus stop, she gave me a discreet wink,

was the person she was with her husband or another meet?.

Are you a lady who fancies some fun before work?.