Written by dave b

6 Sep 2012

Quite new to all this dogging stuff always thought of doing it never had the courage to actually go and see what it is all about.Was never really sure if it really happened.That was until last month, i was on my way home from work and stopped to have a wee in a layby, as i stepped into the bushes i couldn't believe my eyes just a few yards in front of me was a middle aged woman on her knees sucking cock,i was pretty sure they must have seen me but she never even missed a stroke i did what any decent bloke would have done and stood there staring. Didn't take long for me to have a raging hard on, and i thought here's your chance deep breath and i undid my fly and started to rub my cock inside my jeans never once looking away from the blow job going on in front of me. He was now groaning which turned me on even more and i pulled my jeans down a bit to release my now aching cock, i slowly pulled my foreskin back and the cool air felt amazing on the tip of my cock. At this point i thought i'd balls it all up because she stopped sucking his cock and they were both looking at me, i stopped wanking straight away and went to pull my jeans up, he just whispered no carry on she likes it, i took a deep breath again nodded and continued to rub my cock with them both watching me, i'd never had such an exciting feeling before in my life. I had noticed that i seemed to be staring at this guys cock while i was wanking imagining all sorts of things and i think she had noticed me staring and was now wanking him with long strokes that made him gasp every time. My cock was dripping now and i was so near to coming, i was wanking myself silly, in front of a couple i'd never met before and loving it. He then let out a really deep groan and came in her mouth and on her face,and seeing that it was all too much for me i let out a huge sigh and i came like i'd never come before. I was now a little embarrased standing there cock out,still hard i didn't quite know what to do so pulled my jeans up said thank you and that i come home this way most days strange comment i know just couldn't think off anything else to say thankfully i did as we've now watched each 3 times in the last month ,no touching yet but hopefully soon i'll let you all know