Written by 182laura

21 Oct 2011

It was a normal Friday at work, i was feeling a little horny so i thought i would give a friend a text. He was normally in the same mood as me on a Friday (horny) and today was no different. We would exchange messages teasing each other making each other horny knowing we couldn’t do anything because we were both at work.

So as the day went on the messages got dirtier, at this point, i was really horny. We had decided to meet up and have a little bit of fun!

Once we had met up we searched for a place to have a little bit of fun and had found a little quiet place in the nice out doors. As we got to our destination i could see his rock hard cock wanting to get out of his trousers. I was so wet i couldn’t wait for him to touch me, he then started to undo my trousers and rubbing my, now really wet, pussy. He gently caressed my clit sending shivers down my legs. He sat me down as he got his rock hard cock out for me to see. I was ready to cum there and then! I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth to taste the pre cum running out of the end, by then i had already cum once but wanted more, i then had his throbbing cock in my mouth, playing with it with my tongue enjoying the taste of his pre cum and the moaning coming from him as i take him deeper into my mouth.

As he skilfully played and licked my very wet pussy i was ready to cum again, he sucked on my clit which sent hot rushes through my body and made me go numb with pleasure. Once he had made me cum i was craving for a mouthfull of his hot sticky cum, i started sucking on his cock and using my tongue to ride up and down his shaft, i hear his breathing getting harder and i begin to get faster until i could feel his cum pulsing up his shaft until it reached my mouth and then i sucked him dry.