Written by subsix

22 Jan 2011

I have been detailing our surprise evening in Amsterdam, and sharing the facts with you in the previous versions. To continue …

The room door opened and Dan led Kath into the dimly lit room, except it wasn't just a room it was a suite. With the lights turn up we could see that it had a seating area as well as a very large window that over looked one of the canals.

The room was warm and very comfortable, clear this wasn't a cheap weekend room. Dan settled down in one of the comfy chairs, and offered me the other.

Dan then explained that Coral had discovered her submissive side about 5 years ago while visiting New York.

Since then it had become a very integral part of their relationship.

A highly charged atmosphere filled the room, as both girls were only dressed in stockings and heels. Dan asked if I would like to see how he enjoyed using Coral.

He instructed Coral to fetch her vibrator and her blindfold. Coral moved quickly to the bedside table, opened a draw and removed a large vibrator, and a black blindfold, she hurried kneel in front of Dan.

Dan then instructed Coral to blindfold Kath. The look on Kath’s face was a cross between disappointment and arousal, as Coral covered Kath's eyes.

Coral was then instructed to sit at our feet and masturbate. Coral quickly took up the position with legs wide and her cunt almost bubbling juices from within. My cock was very hard by now and Dan suggested that I would be more comfortable if I freed my cock. I quickly removed shoes socks and trousers. He to stood up to make himself more comfortable, as he walked around the room I noticed that he had picked up a leather paddle. I also saw that Kath had started to finger her slit no doubt aroused by the noise Coral was making. This had not gone unnoticed by Dan and he asked Kath what was she doing. Her reply of ‘amusing herself’ was not the correct answer. Dan asked if she had been given permission. Kath replied ‘no’ this was quickly followed by a slap of her bottom with the paddle.’ I will tell you when you can pleasure yourself’. He added. Kath was jolted back and her hands jumped away from her cunt.

Coral was now really getting into the groove and her hips started to lift towards the vibrator. Dan was still in control and told her to stop. It was very clear that she was on the cusp of her climax. I had been stroking my cock. Dan’s next instructions were for her to suck me.

I have never had a blowjob like the one that Coral started, she licked, peeled, sucked, wanked, and rubbed my cock like I had never experienced before. Soon I was shooting my wad of cum down her throat. I saw her black thighs running with juice from her quim, as I went to return the pleasure. Dan said that I could lick and suck her but she must not climax until he said it was permissible.

Dan was circling Kath and teasing her nipples with the paddle and his fingers alternatively. Kath is blessed with great nipples that harden and thicken as she becomes aroused. I can say that on this night they were the biggest I have ever seen. She had her hands behind her head, in the position that Coral had displayed in the lift.

Her cunt was open, wet and her labia so encouraged. I could tell that she wanted to release her climax. Dan told Kath to get on her knees and prepare to suck his cock. She did as she was told. I watched from the bed as Coral rubbed a teased my nipples asking if I was enjoying watching Kath submit?

It was such a turn on. Dan with drew his cock before he climaxed saying that he wanted to savour that moment for later.

Kath was now begging to be fucked. And she was very ,very aroused! That is such an understatement!

The blindfold was removed and Kath was asked if she was happy to continue, I don't think anything would have stopped Kath. She knew that she was not allowed to touch herself, but she was rubbing her thighs together in an effort to create some friction on her clit.

Dan also saw this and told Kath to stop or she would be punished.

Kath had felt the sting of the paddle earlier and stopped. Dan asked what we had purchased from the shop; it was a dildo.

He told Kath he wanted to see her use this on Coral. Once again the look on Kath’s face was one of disappointment as she fetched the bag and unwrapped to rubber monster. Coral was still lying close to me on the bed as Kath rubbed the dildo up and down Corals wet slit, seeing her cunt swallow the dildo and Kath’s look of pleasure. Dan was behind Kath and fingering her cunt as she banged the dildo into Coral. I could see more of the tell tales signs that Kath was so close to Cumming. Dan said that Coral was free to cum, and cum she did with a very big wet squirt that took Kath by surprise as it flooded over her hand. I saw that Dan had once again left Kath on the edge of a climax, and I saw her frustration building.

Coral was basking in the afterglow, but the night was far from over, Dan instructed Coral to order two bottle of champagne from room service. Kath was lead over to the full-length window. And told to stand on view, I looked for my camera and took some pictures of Kath standing in that position, no doubt the flash was attracting anyone still out and about.

Coral had tidied herself and was still only wearing stockings, suspenders and heels; Kath was stood in front of the window as Dan continued to tease her.

Dan and I were also naked. The knock from room service came. Clearly Coral knew what the drill for this occasion. Dan called out to enter. As the door opened I saw Kath go to move Dan instructed her very firmly to stay. Coral welcomed the waiter in asking him to put the tray on the table.

The waiter was a guy of about thirty-five; I think he had seen a lot of life but maybe not as much as he was seeing this evening. He was trying very hard to only look at his tray, but he was stealing a few looks at the ladies.

Dan then asked him to pour the champagne and serve it also, Kath was instructed to turn and face into the room. She was once again so aroused. The waiter took some time to open the first bottle, but it opened with a pop, as the glasses filled the waiter was shaking.

Please serve the ladies first Dan asked. He walked over to Kath and presented her with a flute of the bubbles, He was taking in the view of my wife’s tits and cunt on view to a total stranger, and clearly it was having an effect on his uniform. Coral moved over towards him and took her glass from him. Dan asked if he had delivered to many rooms where the ladies had so much to show. He laughed and said that it was not the normal delivey,but he was enjoying it and that our ladies looked wonderful.

The waiter went to leave, Dan nodded, and instruction to Coral who followed him to the doorway, I heard Coral ask if his shift was at an end soon. and would he like to return. I didn't catch what the reply was.

The mood relaxed slightly as Coral told Kath, but with all of us listening, of the fun her and Dan had in various places. Coral loved being restrained and blindfolded. Adding that this had caused a few problems once at an airport, with a full baggage search.

Dan was stroking his cock as he told of how he had arranged gangbangs for Coral and having her strip in a club on a gangbang night.

Kath was licking her lips as she watched Dan wanking his cock. He asked Kath if she had ever been restrained while being fucked. We had never tried that she replied. But I would love to try. Dan then asked her what was the largest number of guys who had fucked her in one session, her reply of three took me a little by surprise could I could only remember two guys. Dan pushed again, by asking if she thought she could cope with four guys. Kath was now really rising to the challenge, she said easy, tonight because I am just so hot and wet for it.

Ok said Dan, lets see what you can do, he asked me if I was ok with her having four guys. I said as long as condoms used. I was ok,

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