21 Feb 2019

I started swinging accidentally. I was approached by a couple in central London after we were chatting and I happened to say the word "big". He say joked bet "you are and could sort her out for me". I was so embarrassed.

They were laughing at me so much. Then few weeks later I was on the tube when a nice lady ask if I was and we started chatting. The husband said I could have her if I wanted and this time I was still embarrassed but coped much better this time.

"My Actual First Experience. "

I drove to a nice dark location in the rain and waited , then a car pulled up and she got into the back of my car. We drove to another place close by and chat a min or so while hubby watched and waited.

This is a southern European couple and she was just so beautiful and sexy I got so nervous it took me three attempts to park the car properly. Probably the sexiest and most beautiful woman I've seen on here.

She was wearing black coat, red tight dress and high heels boots. Red lipstick and blonde hair and no underwear . She said "hurry up and get round here" in a soft lovely accent.

I got round and began kissing her, sucking her nipples and licking her skin. I slowly made my way down and eat her pussy while I'm fingering her ass for about 20mins until she was dripping wet.

She pushed me back on the seat and unzipped me and swallowed up all my cock which weren't full erected yet. She began sucking harder and harder and i was fully hard now. She was now gagging for it and breathing heavily.

She whispered " i want that Big Black Carribbean cock inside me right now" . She pushed me back again and climb up on my cock and rode for about 40mins none stop. Groaning with ecstasy and pleasure. I flipped her on her back and began fucking her hard again for about 20mins then a car drive past and i got down. I started again and after a while she said I think I saw someone, which was a false alarm.

I began to finger her ass again then I ask her " do you want anal?" To which she answered " yes you can fuck my ass" . After a few attempts to get in I started slowly and she said " wow, feels so fucking HOT , go slow until I tell you to fuck me hard".

Few minutes later she were screaming and tell me " fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me you bad black man " .

The window was fully steamed up and it was raining and i heard giggling outside. I touch the glass and looked out and saw two girls mid 20s walking pass and laughing. I continued fucking her after about 15minsmore I ask her "how many times you cum already " , she replied " 4 , 5 coming shortly , keep fucking my ass" . I was cover in sweat knees burning now.

Then after about 40mins fucking her ass to I said " I'm gonna come baby you want to swallow ?" She said no, " cum in my ass".

I put the condom on and rammed my cock balls deep few times with the scream of " ooohhh yes, oooh YES, cum in my ass baby, cum in my ass".

I exploded in her ass like a bomb. She said "thank You, that was almost two hrs, I needed that ". I replied " i should be thanking you baby".

She kissed me and said "goodbye, txt to let us know you're home safe".

My only regret is never meeting her again. This is a 100% true and genuine account and i hope you enjoy it.

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