Written by Kathy T

4 Aug 2013

At A Party

Hi my names Kathy. I’m 28, 5ft 7, brown hair and blue eyes and told I am very pretty(I even modeled a little out of high school). My boyfriend Dave has succeeded in turning me into a little slut. It took him almost a year, but he finally has me watching porn with him, roll playing, flashing strangers, kissing, being groped, and my new favorite, anything interracial! It’s just so taboo, and if anybody found out what kinky things we have been up to, they would completely freak! My parents would disown me! Needless to say, it’s a huge secret.

A friend of ours was throwing a party on Saturday night and we couldn’t wait to go because his parties are always super fun and pretty wild. As we were getting ready for the party, Dave suggested I wear my super tight blue jeans with a sexy little T-shirt and braless. He had that look in his eye and I asked him what did he have in that kinky mind of his. He told me “nothing”, but I know that look. Anyway, we’re at the party and everyone(including us!) were pretty wasted and having a great time. All of a sudden I notice this one black guy I’ve never seen before, constantly staring at me and smiling. I just politely kept smiling back and moving around the party trying to lose him, yet everywhere I was, I would spot him close by and ogling my body. The more buzzing I became, the more it became a sexy game to me. Who was this guy that I had under my spell? At one point, I went to the restroom and when I opened the door to leave, I saw him standing right there in the hall. He had a cute smile as he introduced himself to me. His name was Russell and produced a pipe from his pocket with my favorite smoke inside, and asked me if I wanted to smoke with him. In my state, I just stood there still thinking when he said, “Oh come on, it’ll be quick” and he gently pushed me back in the restroom with him following. He locks the door and hands me the pipe and lights it for me. I take a huge hit and instantly feel that warm sexy feeling all over. After the second hit Russell tells me how incredibly beautiful I am and how he’s never met a white girl so hot! I begin blushing and thanking him as he puts the pipe away. I pout and tell him lets smoke a little more(almost begging) and he answers, “Ok, lets make a deal Kathy. One hit for one little kiss. Fair and square. No one would know but us. What do you say?” I paused for a second as he brought the pipe to my face, teasing me. When he lit the lighter I smiled and put my lips to it and took the hugest hit I could. When I exhaled, he took a step right up to me and smiled as he slowly brought his lips to mine and softly kissed me. I was surprised how soft and gentle (and good!) his kiss was. I guess I expected him to grab all over me and shove his tongue down my throat but I was pleasantly shocked. He pulled away, having me right where he wanted me! He put the pipe away again and turned to the door and I stopped him saying I wanted one more hit, please! He lit it for me again and this time(when his lips touched mine), I admit that I parted my lips slightly and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He willingly accepted and our tongues began a slow, sexy wrestle. We finished the kiss and I said I had to go and he said he would have to stay put for a minute or so, pointing down to his crotch that had a huge bulge! I laughed and went back to join the party. I met up with Dave and told him what had just happened and he kissed me so passionately and told me to introduce him when I had a chance. All of a sudden, Russell was walking towards us with a sexy grin on his face and before I could say anything, Dave introduced me to his softball buddy Russell. We all had a great laugh and Dave saw someone he wanted to talk to and excused himself, leaving me alone with Russell. He asked me if I liked to dance and when I said I did, he grabbed me by the hand and led me to the backyard where there was a dance floor filled with couples dancing. All of a sudden, a slow song came on and Russell grabbed me and held me tightly against him. I quickly panicked and looked around to see if anyone we knew were looking. No one was. As we swung to the music, I began to feel his cock between us, growing hard against my belly. “You feel that Kathy? You’ve had me hard all night.” I said, “You cant blame me for that Russell. I just met you. And by the way, how much has Dave told you about me? I feel like I‘ve been set up.” He says, “He just told me that if I had a chance with you, I should try it.” “What?” I said acting shocked. “What else?” He said, “That if I wanted to show you my black cock, all I would have to do is ask.” I looked up at him blushing! Then he says, “How about a hit for a tiny kiss again…but this time on my BBC!” I laughed at him and said no way! He was persistent and with all his sexy talking and all his rubbing on me, I finally agreed. We both almost ran to the restroom and there was a line halfway down the hall! I had an idea and told him to meet me out front. I went to Dave and asked him for the keys to our SUV. He handed them to me and asked me why I needed them, but he knew. Russell and I got in the backseat of our car and I looked around through our dark tinted windows to see if anybody saw us and no one did. He started to undo his pants when I asked him what he was doing? He said he was just getting ready as he pulled out his half hard thick black cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as he took out his pipe and started smoking it. Watching me staring at his cock was having an effect on him and his beautiful black cock was slowly growing right before my eyes! I wanted to touch it, feel it grow in my hands. He cleared his throat, breaking me from my spell and I looked up at him as he was smiling. Handing me the pipe, he says “Remember…one hit…one kiss. Right?” I just nodded yes as I took the pipe and he lit it for me. My eyes were back down on his black cock as I inhaled hard. It must have been all the way hard against his stomach, passed his belly button by at least 4 inches. I exhaled the thick white smoke and bent down slowly towards his hard black cock. He pulled a handful of my hair up saying he wanted to see everything. I paused about an inch from his thick black shaft and closed my eyes, almost feeling its heat against my face and its smell into my nose. It was intoxicating! I opened my mouth and my tongue came out and I kissed its burning hot shaft. Once, than twice than I sat back up, staring at his black cock. I told him I needed another hit and he said ok but the kiss has to be a little longer this time. I nodded ok. I exhaled again and bent towards his hard beautiful cock again but he grabbed my hair again and pulled my face up to him and our lips were locked in a wet passionate kiss. I couldn’t take it and grabbed his hard black cock in my hand and pulled on it as we kept kissing. I pulled myself from his lips and went down back to his thick shaft and started kissing up and down and all around his shaft making it all shine with my saliva. He was moaning and talking dirty to me as I kept kissing and licking him all over! All of a sudden the front door opened and we both jumped in shock as Dave was all smiles and sits in the drivers seat telling us not to stop on his account. Russell hands him the pipe and pulls my hair back down to his black cock. I can hear Dave smoking and both of them talking while I attack crazily with my lips and tongue on his fat shaft. I slide up and finally take his huge dripping black mushroom head into my mouth and I let out a slutty moan as it tastes so filthy and delicious! I twirl my tongue around and try to get as deep as I could. I hear him telling my bf how good of a cocksucker I am. Right as I notice how burning and wet my sweet white pussy is, I feel Dave rub me hard from behind causing an instant climax! I go crazy and lick down his shaft again till I’m buried in his hairy black balls and I take one deep in my mouth and suck hard, then switch to his other hairy ball and do the same. He moans loudly saying dirty things. I start stroking his cock head hard and fast while I keep sucking on his big black balls and he starts shaking screaming that he’s about to cum. I race up and cover his fat head with my mouth just as stream after stream of hot yummy cum fills my mouth. I try to swallow it all and only a tiny bit escapes. When he’s finally done, I’m out of breath as I pull away, still staring at his deflating beautiful black cock. Right then I notice the little cum that got away is in a tiny puddle in his hairy balls and I quickly bend back down and start licking it all up, to both his and Dave’s surprise. “Goddamn Dave. She’s worse than you said!” Then I heard Dave answer, “No way. That’s better!” For some reason that made me so happy at that moment. I pulled off and looked at Dave who was smiling back at me. Dave told Russell to hurry up and get out of the car, saying we were headed home for some serious fucking. Russell was begging for us to bring him along and Dave told him some other time, for sure. The sex was unbelievable and non-stop for days with all my lovely BBC toys.