Written by Ta11tom

16 Mar 2012

Last night I had some amazing sex with a gorgeously sexy milf - with her husband watching.

We had agreed to meet on several occasions but for different reasons we'd had to postpone it.

They were interested in meeting me as she had a high sex drive and loves fucking guys in front of her husband. He loves to watch and due to some medication he is on cant always satisfy her the way she needs. Anyway we booked it and i arrived as discussed, at their place at 8:30.

He was a lovely guy, really friendly and made me feel at ease straight away. He seemed as excited as we were.

She was drop dead gorgeous. I would put her in her mid 30's but it turned out she was a few years older. You would never have known. Wow!

After some conversation and a couple of drinks things began to hot up. He left us to it on the couch for a few minutes to get comfortable with each other. This wasnt hard as I was aching to kiss her and began running my hands over her sexy curves. She must only have been about a size 6 but had a lovely round bum. She was wearing a sexy secretary outfit.

We began kissing and i felt her start to rub my cock through my jeans. She stood me up and undressed me. I was getting very horny now as you can imagine.

She sat me back down and started rubbing my stiff cock while kissing me. The kissing had started light but grew into a passionate snog. She had great lips and was a brilliant kisser.

It was time for her to strip for me now. Rubbing my cock i watched as she peeled off the skirt and blouse she had on. She wanted to keep her lingerie on - which was no problem. She was wearing red and it suited her perfectly. Her long, blonde hair went perfectly with the red bra and panties. She also had a pair of black stockings on. Wow again. She was fucking gorgeous.

I told her how much i wanted to lick her pussy. She allowed me and got comfortable on the couch. I began. Slow at first, but building up a rhythm teasing her swelling clit. She was completely shaven and tasted lovely.

I hadnt noticed but he had come back in the room now and was behind us watching and wanking. He had also set up a camcorder which we'd agreed i was comfortable with.

He was telling me how much she was enjoying it, but i already knew. She was getting wetter and wetter and the moans were getting more and more intense. Within 5 minutes I made her cum and ran my tongue up her as she did - tasting the gorgeous taste.

She then ordered me to sit beside her. She got in position between my legs and began teasing the tip of my cock with her tongue. She was quite a show girl as she kept turning to the camera and telling her husband how nice my cock was. He didnt mind this and encouraged it!

She gave a very sexy blowjob. Mixing up the technique nicely but it was her dirty looks she was giving me that really turned me on. She made a lot of eye contact and kept winking at me.

My cock was solid as a rock now and she wanted to fuck me.

We stood up as she told me she wanted to ride me on a dining table chair. This was no problem for me as I love to be fucked like that. I put a rubber on and got in position.

The camera was moved to a better angle as she slid her bald wet pussy over my cock. She went slow at first as she had chosen me as I have a bigger cock than her husband.

It was so tight and when she got going I was in heaven. She really rode me hard. She kept telling me what a lovely cock i had and was moaning more and more.

He was still watching and was loving seeing her fuck me.

After a few minutes of that I raised my legs up and put them on the couch. I then raised us both up by pushing my hands into the chair. Neither of us had our feet on the ground now and she was loving this! She was rising me as hard as she could as my cock was now as deep in her as it could be.

The time was right now for me to the fucking. I picked her up and pushed her onto the couch and entered her missionary.

I really started to fuck her hard now, raising her legs up and dropping my cock in and out of her as deep as i could go.

She began really moaning now and telling me to fuck her harder. I obliged and really went for it. She was telling me she wanted me to cum in her. I had secretly wanted to have her take my cum in her mouth but this was feeling far too good so i fucked her has hard as i could.

I felt myself cumming and it was amazing! She was moaning and screaming as i did. All this was being recorded by him and i cant wait to see the footage!

After getting our breath back we both agreed how good it was. He was very complimentary and had said he hadnt seen her fucked like that before. He commented how she looked like the cat who got the cream!

We all had commitments the next day so I couldnt stay any longer, but Id have loved to if possible.

We thanked each other and he showed me out. Hopefully we'll meet again, but she has a thing for strangers and seeing as i wouldnt be a stranger anymore i may just have to keep the memories!

Thanks to both of them. Fantastic hosts. He was a top guy and she was a sexy goddess who I will wank about for some time...!