Written by Jack B

5 Sep 2018

Ive had to wait for my wife to be out for me to confess to the second time of meeting Andy. After our encounter a fortnight ago we met up in the forestry car park about 100 meters from where it all took place before, i turned up first and sat nervously waiting in my car, even though i had butterflies in my stomach my cock was rock hard with excitement. Andy pulled up about 5 minutes later parked next to me got out of his car and straight into mine. We sat chatting like old mates for a while not mentioning anything about the other week, i was starting to think that maybe nothing was going to happen and the last time was probably a one off, then out of nowhere Andy put his hand on my leg and said fuck me that was good the other week fancy some more, as soon as he'd said it his hand started rubbing my leg . I thought you'd bottled it i said then tilted my seat back as he put his hand up my shorts and started running his fingers over my dripping wet cock. I had to shuffle about a bit as he tugged on my shorts and my cock sprung up as he pulled them down. Andy took hold of me and gently gripped my shaft not moving at all, i was laid back eyes shut when i heard him say are you sure you want to do this, i opened my eyes and looked at him and replied yes , he then quickly pulled my foreskin back and lowered his mouth over my cock, it took my breath away and i gasped and groaned out loud. I had the usual thought running through my head about what if we get caught or our wife's find out, but that didn't last long and my mind drifted off into the pleasure i was getting form this incredible blow job. I did manage to last longer this time but with Andy wanking, sucking and licking my cock it was inevitable that i wouldn't last that long and as i started moaning louder he quickened his hand and mouth movement and in perfect time as he pulled my foreskin back and i was deep in his mouth i came and fuck me i came like i did when i was a teenager, groans from deep in my chest as he held my foreskin back and my cock still, i just kept coming and he then locked his mouth over my helmet and sucked the last drops from me. I had to push his head off in the end as i was so sensitive, he sat back in the seat and as i sat up he tilted the passenger seat back and pulled his shorts down. I said fuck me that was good, he said next time i will but for now suck this and a strange thought went through my head, ive only ever seen another cock this close up once before and that was his but now i realised what a fantastic looking cock he had, really hard and straight and a big glistening helmet dripping with precum. He started to wank himself off as i moved closer, i lowered my mouth straight over his helmet and started to suck him off as he wanked into my mouth, i wasn't expecting him to finish quite so quickly or abruptly and after about 30 seconds his cock got even harder and as he tensed up he groaned about he was about to come, too late i got the lot i nearly choked fuck this man can come my mouth was full it was on my face my tshirt and i had to finish the last of him up his own tshirt. I swallowed what i could and had to spit the rest back down his cock rubbing it it to him and my fingers, i sat back up still wanking him, as we sat back in the seats slowly rubbing each others cocks he commented that maybe go a bit further next time and how would i feel about him fucking me, i just said ill try anything once and that he can fuck me if i can fuck him. Got a surprise this week when he sent me a picture of me sucking him off last Saturday, had to go and have a wank in the toilets at work. That was last Saturday and were meeting tomorrow night so here's to a new feeling and experience.