Written by James Silver

2 Jan 2008

I have been a member of Swinging Heaven for a few years and as a single guy I have only had a couple of rather disappointing meetings in that time, however, I have been interested in exploring my bi-curious side for some time and have recently enjoyed a meeting with a bi-couple.

Rather than going straight into the naughty stuff, I thought I’d share the experience from the start…

Unlike some of the guy’s on the site, I am very clear on what I am interested in trying – I class myself as St8 and my interest in Bi-Activities is limited to M-M masturbation and some oral (but only of the chemistry is right!), I am totally turned-off by M-M kissing/fondling/anal-stuff… I simply like the idea of adding some variety to the mix and enjoying mutually satisfying erotic fun… my interest in ‘bi’ can go off completely, or become something I fantasise about a lot.

So, it has not been easy to find a bi-couple who were in a similar position, as many bi-guys seem to want to try kissing or perhaps anal with a bi/bi-curious guy.

I don’t know about your experiences with Swinging sites, but there seem to be lots of singles and couples that blow hot-and-cold (excuse the pun!)… one minute very communicative and eager, the next they disappear!, so, a couple of months ago I was lucky to receive and email from a guy in Cheltenham who had read my profile and was interested in chatting about getting together with his wife (Kay) and himself (Tom) for some mutual fun. We exchanged the usual emails that discussed what we were looking for, then some of the infamous ‘face’ pictures, had a cam-to-cam session (which was much more fun than I’d have thought!)….and finally our mobile numbers.

We agreed a time to speak and I plucked up the courage to call one evening. After 15 seconds of so of slight hesitation/embarrassment Tom and I found that we got on well and after a few minutes spoke to Kay too. We agreed to meet up for a drink in Cheltenham later that week – nothing more if we decided – but with an opportunity to take things further should we all feel OK. I was very nervous and almost bottled it, but a call from Tom that afternoon to confirm made me feel more comfortable.

I headed over to Cheltenham (about 45 mins away from me) and booked into a hotel (which we agreed to go 50/50 on) and after my 3rd shower of the day, with pubic hair trimmed and balls and shaft shaved, I went down to the bar to find Tom and Kay waiting for me with a much needed Gin and Tonic!

We found a quiet area to sit and chatted about ‘the weather’ for a while before getting onto what we were interested in trying. Tom explained that he had had a few bi experiences in the past, and like me had been intrigued to explore this… he had only discussed his ideas with Kay about 6 months before (when they were drunk!) and she was not put off by the idea at all, on the condition that she would be involved.

So, we spent about an hour drinking – I then left to go to the room, leaving Tom and Kay to chat and suggesting that if I was not their ‘cup-of-tea’ that I would understand if they declined to take things further and to ‘text’ me in the next 10 minutes… But no more than 5 minutes after arriving in my room, they both arrived at the door with a bottle of Champagne!

We drank a glass and dimmed the lights before we agreed to head for the shower (again!)…. By this time my stomach was in my mouth and my cock was as hard as a steel rod! We laughed and got undressed as I turned the shower on – and was pleased to see that both Kay and Tom were also shaved and smooth… we all managed to get into the double shower and we began by massaging Kay – I stood behind and rubbed her shoulders and back, while Tom knelt down, running his hands over her breasts and stomach, while she opened her legs for him to lick her clit… as he did this, Kay put her hand behind and held my cock, slowly wanking it in time to motion of Tom’s tongue. We stayed like this for a couple of mintes before Kay came – at which time she stepped out of the shower, saying “OK guys, you’re turn!”… so, there we stood in front of each other, cocks almost touching. I found myself putting my hand around Tom’s smooth balls, slowly rolling them between my fingers. Tom then put his hands around my shaft, gently pulling my foreskin back and began to give me a soapy wank which was amazing and exciting, particularly and Kay was watching.

Importantly, we were all smiling, enjoying the raw, explicit and new experience. I took hold of Tom’s cock, which was slightly longer than mine, but not quite and thick, and returned the mutual wank. I remember it being strange, looking straight into another guy’s eyes while we masturbated one another.

We turned off the shower and stepped into the bathroom, where a dry Kay handed us towels and beckoned us into the bedroom. We downed another glass of wine and Kay got a small digital camera out of her bag, “We want to get some of this for future reference!” she laughed, “I may even bring the video camera next time”.

We all went over to the bed and I suggested that Kay and Tom enjoy each other while I took some photos. Kay sat on the bed and Tom presented his cock to her, she smiled and ran her tongue around the head, before sliding the shaft into her mouth and gently wanking the base. I took lots of photo’s as they moved onto the bed and Kay straddled Tom, lowering herself down on his rock-hard cock, I knelt behind and watched as Kay’s juices covered Tom’s cock and run onto his balls – somehow if it different from watching a movie, in the ‘flesh’ is so much more erotic… the sounds and the smells add a new dimension.

As I moved around eh bed, Tom put his hand out and grabbed my cock. He asked me to kneel on the bed so he could wank me, but as I got close, I he propped his head up on his hand and quickly put the tip of my cock in his mouth… As Kay took control of the camera, Tom slowly moved his head back and forth as my cock slid deeper into his mouth. This was exactly what I had been fantasising about for ages, and now it was really happening an even though we were all a bit drunk, the sensation was electric as Kay encouraged us both, taking some close up photo’s of the action.

Kay dismounted and suggested to us that I should lay on he bed – so we moved around and Tom knelt between my legs, once again taking my cock deep into his throat. “He’s talked about doing this for months” said Kay as I watched Tom’s head bob up and down and his tongue run around my shaft.

I didn’t want to cum too soon, so suggested that we swap places. Tom laid back as Kay stroked my cock… (we had agreed that Kay would take the lead with anything sexual with me), and finally, here I was with Tom’s cock inches from my mouth.. “It doesn’t bite – honest” said a nervous but horny Tom, I smiled back and said something like “ I hope not” as I lowered my head and had my first taste of a hard cock. Immediately shocked by how warm it felt, I wanked Tom’s shaft as I began to suck him… Kay took more photo’s and started to masturbate herself… after what seemed like a few minutes, she put he tongue on my cock and began to lick me – it was all an amazing blur… until Tom started to moan. I sensed him beginning to cum as he tensed, so I took him out of my mouth and wanked him until he spurted hot spunk into the air.

Tom then insisted on finishing me off… but somehow I was over-aroused and couldn’t cum. Eventually, I asked the couple to kneel down in front of me and a wanked off for them, finally spurting over their chests.

In the immediate moments after my orgasm I was worried that we would all now feel different, but it was fine – a release – and after I watched Tom lick Kay too her orgasm, we had more wine and chatted for a while until we put on a porn DVD and got back in the mood for more.

I guess the whole meeting lasted around 2.5 hours, until we were all exhausted and needed sleep. Tom and Kay ordered a taxi and we said goodbye at wound 11:30pm. They texted me when they got home and thanked e for a great evening… I texted back saying that I was still in shock, but that it had been even better than I had anticipated.

In the weeks since we have stayed in touch and all being well, we are due to meet again later this month, I just hope it lives up to the first time.

I’d be interested to hear from any guys/girls/couples who have had similar experiences, or who are maybe thinking about trying something-Bi!