Written by trainer

8 Aug 2010

I had been chatting with a guy in the rooms for a couple of weeks and got to know him fairly well, divorced three adult kids, all either living with his ex or on their own. we had arranged to meet and having had a glass of wine decided to go back to his.

We got into his living room and we were all over each other like a couple of newly weds, I had his cock out and was sucking like a vaccum on it, he came and I drank his jism down he then pushed me down a started to suck my cock, he ws very good, better at it than i thought I was on him I told him I was coming and he just continued to suck and let me fill his mouth, he kept it in and moved up to kiss me and we shared my juice.

He suggested a proper drink, both naked we sat and sipped on some wine, he found a porn dvd and put it on the TV.

After a while I wanted to suck him again and I began to play with his cock and balls, he closed his eyes as I went to work on his cock, nibbling the helmet and sucking his balls, we were well at it porn on the tv and we were engrossed in each other, when the door openned and a womans voice screamed. He openned his eyes, she stood there transfixed, like a rabbit in headlights, he was looking for his pants, coughing and apologising. I found my trousers and pulled them on.

He turned the TV off and left the room with her, they came back around 30 minutes later, he had a gown on, she had been crying. I was introduced as his long term partner to her, his 22 year old daughter, she had had a row with her mother and decided on the spur to come to see her dad. She knew he was bi as that was one of the things that ended his marraige, but she said it was a shock to see him naked with another guy. She had a glass of wine and sat down asking questions, primarily of me. At around 2 in the morning we decided to go to bed, she went to 'her' room and we went to his bedroom, he wasn't much in the mood to start again, with her in the next room but I went down under the covers and started back where I'd been stopped earlier, he got hard and came fairly quickly I think he was uninterested because of her and kissed me thanked me and dropped to sleep.

I needed to loo, not thinking, I simply went out of his room, naked, and into the loo, as I walked back, she came to the door of her room, I was embarressed that she had caught me naked twice now, but she simply wanted to chat more about me and her dad, I told her that I should put something on, but she simply said come into my room, telling me that I could cover myself with her bedding, but she didn't think I was that bothered. So I found myself in her bedroom, I sat on the bed and she stood quite close she then shocked me by dropping her nightie and sitting on the bed beside me. I wanted to go, but she put her hand behind my neck and pulled me towards her, we kissed, she was an eater, she kept our faces locked together for ages, I let her hands roam over me but never made any attempt to touch her until she took my hand and put it on her breast, her nipple was rock hard, after that, I was as horny with her as I had been with her father earlier, she laid back on the bed and pulled me onto her, I entered her and she groaned she came and told me quite vocally, I told her to be quiet as we didn't want to wake her dad. When we finished I made my exit back to the master d=bedroom, but not before she had made me give her my number and made me promise to call heer and see her again. In the morning he woke first and came into the room with tw coffees, telling me that she had gone, we had a noisy session and I left around 1pm.