Written by Sonic

13 Feb 2007

(Names changed to protect the guilty)

Zelda and I had worked together for abou 2 weeks before we had got together after a company night out.

I hadn't seen the signs before, but she made it quite clear what she wanted as we were chatting in the cab on the way to a club for some more late drinks. We were with other colleagues, so we made sure we were out of sight when we first kissed, a frantic mashing of lips and tongues.

Zelda was crushing herself against my rigid cock and we were both desperate for each other. At one point Zelda disappeared to the ladies , when she came back she stuck her fingers in my mouth and I had my first taste of her pussy juices, she had gone and fingered herself just to relieve some of her frustrations.

We left the club and started to walk to the taxi rank, when I spotted a dark alley that I thought we could use for some more fun.

We were kissing and panting for each other as I undid her jeans and slid my fingers into her soaking wet pussy. i pulled my finger out and we both shared her jiuces, before I began fingering her again, rubbing her swollen clit as she came.

She then dropped to her knees and took my throbbing cock between her gorgeous lips, licking and sucking me greedily till I thought i would burst.

We were disturbed by a door opening along the alley, giggling and stumbling we ran off, both of us struggling to do our jeans up.

We then had to get the tube, and as we waited on the platform, we kissed and entwined our tongues. As we did this Zelda slid her hand into my jeans and started to gently wank my hard cock, my long black coat shielding our naughtiness. I was close to cumming as our train arrived and we jumped onto the waiting carriage.

Zelda stod behind me cuddling into my back, and I slid my hand into her waistband and began rubbing her engorded clit and fingered her deeply, she managed to contain her normally loud moans as she came onto my hand.

I then turned to her and again she began to wank my cock, if the journey had been much longer she would have had a hand full of my hot spunk.

(We're sure more than a few people knew what we were doing on the busy friday night tube. But we'd both had a drink and our inhibitions were gone)

All too soon we were at Victoria station, where we had to leave each other for the night.

We are hoping to meet again soon, and I'm thouroghly looking forward to lapping up her pussy juices before fucking her hard.

We'll let you know what happens next.