Written by trev

8 Jun 2010

hope you like our first meeting story 100% true we have cut out most of the boring stuff and cut to the chase basicly.we talked about having a threesome for ages but june said if we was to do it she wanted to do it with a black guy anyway we placed a add in a swinging magazine asking that we was looking to meet up with a/or some black guys after about a week we started to get some replys.they was from all over the country.we whent through the first bach of mail all excited looking for the right guy. one to meeti trev would have wrote back to all of them and invited them but june said lets wait and see if we get any more mail.a few days later we did get more mail and the first one she looked at she said hes the one i would love to meet him.only one little down fall he was from malta and he said he was prepared to travel to meet us.i said to june bet hes just a pic collector etc.any way he wrote back to him basicly telling him we would love to meet up and we gave him our mobile number to ring us.a days later the phone rang and june answerd it was dennis from malta he was saying how excited he was that we wanted to meet up with him after talking for a while he vtold june he had a big hard on thinking about what he wants to do to june while i watch.i must admit i did still think he was a time waster even then.june was very horny chatting to him on the phone.any way cutting to the chase we arranged to meet up in a hotel not to far away from us the week after.we booked the room a king sized suite.the day of the meeting soon arrived and we was both horny as hell allday and nervous as well.june atarted to get ready long soak in the bath and she was telling me how horny she felt which gave me a raging hard on.she got dressed sexy black basque. stockings,and sexy low cut black dress finnesed of with the sexiest of high heels.we drove to the hotel we didnt say much to each other only me saying every minuet or so bet he dont turn up and june sayin hope he does.we got to the hotel and as june got out of the car she said look a me im a shivering wreck she held out her hand and she was shaking like a leaf trev im very nervous she said i just looked and smiled at her cos i knew if denniss was in that hotel we was have a great time.we headed for the reception got our keys the headed for the bar there was a few people in but guess what no dennis.i was dissaponted to say the least and i could see the dissapontment in junes face although she didnt say anything.we sat near to the door so that if he was in the bar some where and he waqs to leave we would see him.we cant have been sat any more than 10 seconds when dennis walked in the bar we was drawn like magnets he shoock my hand and said hi june was standing up dennis turned to her and said well well well look at you very sexy lady as he kissed her on both cheeks then a peck on the lips.we chated but he never took his eyes of june he said he was going to order some food as he needs to keep his strengh up follwed by a wicked sexy laugh.dennis was sayin how much he was enjoying looking at her and how sexy she looks.he was sayin sexy things to her i could see the nerves was goin and she was enjoyin chatting to him.his hands was moving under the table so i was persuming he was rubbing up and down her thigh he wasnt a shy person so that was good and i could see he was taking the lead.we finneshed our meal and drinks and i said shall we carry on our conversation in the bed roon there was no hesitation from june or dennis to move on.we got to the bed room dorr i was shacking like a leaf and couldnt ket the key in the key hole june was relaxed by now and said give me the key within a second we was in the room.june took off her little jacket at the other side of the room dennis was sayin how much he was looking for to this night and i could see by the bulge in his trousers.dennis asked how come we picked him and june said cos you was the blackest,also the best looking,and most importantly you have the biggest cock.when we decided to do this i didnt tell trev but i knew what i wanted and here you are.that is when he whent on to start kissing june hard and passionatly there hands up and down each other i sit back and watch as i see this strange black guy seducecing my wife making her horny to fuck her in front of me i never felt so horny.june was been undressed slowly his black hands wondering up and down her white body then i saw him just pull her pants to the side and see him rubbing up and down her pussy i can see and hear how horny she is i can see her loves jucies on his fingers he whent on to give vher the biggest orgasm ive ever heard she was screaming with excitent my cock was oozing pre cum i was so turned on watching this guy with june.june whent to her kness slowly unzipped his trousers and omg his cock was massive long and fat i saw junes eyes open wide she started to such only able to get the end of his cock in her mouth it was so fat.he looked at me and told me how he 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