Written by johnnotts25

14 Apr 2010

Well Being a nice day i decided to take the dog for a walk i arrived at blidworth bottoms to find a few cars parked up few old men about, but over in one corner a car with a middle age chap and a fine looking dark hair girl with blue tints.

They got out the car and started to wlak towards the wooded area and before u knew it there was a wind storm with that many car doors opening and slamming shut as all the chaps dived out there cars lol, i got out decided to walk the opposite way round half wy round caught eye of the couple being hounded by chaps getting to close, i carried on a bit further round a come across the couple on there own she was giving him aslow deep bj she glanced across she smiled and waved me over i slowly went over to see this fine lady where ing shorts and tight black leggins hugging her lovley long legs and a nice boobtube with some lovely tits she un zipped me and started lickign my tip of my cock it was now starting to rise on which she took it deep in her mouth lickign and sucking then she elnt across to suck her fella a few times she started to suck me deep and depp right up to my balls getting faster and faster she pulled put and staretd to suck on my balls askign where would i like to cum mouth or on her big lovely tits i simply seaid ill let u decide ur doing the honour with that she started suckign and wanking me like mad and it wasnt long till i felt my balls tighten and a lovely thick load shoot all over her face and tits she licke me clean and then lent across suking her fella again

BOY do i wanna meet these 2 again see where it goes next time