Written by petevwe

28 Dec 2014

I meet with a couple in the north of Hampshire, I had had a lengthy chat with hubby, John, (not his real name) and her fantasy was to be handcuffed to the bed and blindfolded.

John and I organised a date and a time. I turned up to be greeted by John at the front door only wearing a dressing gown having 'interrupted' proceedings, the front door was shut and in silence, John and I climbed the stairs our footsteps clearly audible, he led me into their bedroom.

In front of me was the marital bed with Sharon stripped naked laid on their bed, her wrists handcuffed to the headboard and blindfolded. I slowly stripped whilst John climbed onto the bed and sucked her nipples carrying on where he had left off before i arrived. John then climbed between her spread legs and slid his cock inside her. I walked over to the bed bent down and started to suck her nipples, she started moaning at this point as she knew for definite that there were two of us.

John pulled out and i took his place between her legs, slowly and teasingly sliding in my cock, i was at least 2'' bigger than John and much thicker, she started to really groan as i went deeper and deeper building up the pace and rhythm untill she came, i then pulled out whipped off my condom and finished off shooting my cum over her pussy mound. I jumped off the bed and stuck my cock in her mouth so she could get the last drops and suck it clean.

John then wiped his cock in my cum on her mound and then stuffed it straight up his wives pussy, after he had shot his load and she had come again he removed her blindfold and we finally 'met'. It was certainly a fun meet, i think Sharon not being able to see what was happening and having to guess who and what was planned heightened her pleasure.