Written by Linzi88

18 Sep 2016

So in the bar we sat in a quiet area with couches facing each other. Ulrich and Karen are on the opposite side and I am sat with Joe and Henrik. Little me sat in the middle guzzling my drink..Henrik and Joe feel so powerful sat either side I daren't move. Karen and Ulrich are flirting heavily has he is rubbing her thigh almost to the top. Looking over I can see right up her short dress, her tiny thong almost getting swallowed up in between her thighs.. Joe and Henrik are enjoying the view, Joe whispers to me as I look over " this is how we win contracts Linzi" and kisses my ear gently.

I suddenly come over all warm and excited, my ears are very sensitive even when my 61 year old boss is the one teasing it. Looking back over and Karen and Ulrich have now locked tongues. I feel a hand on each of my thighs and Henrik and Joe are both stroking my legs up to the Hem of my dress. I protest and ask "what are you both doing?" Joe turns to my ear again and licks it saying "don't worry this is the fun part of the trip" Henrik starts kissing my neck at the other side. God!! I feel so bad yet so good.

I see Karen touching Ulrich's crotch and running her hand all over it as he squeezes her Breasts. As I watch I feel a hand run over the front of my thong. Henrik is exploring me and running his middle finger over my tiny Knix. Karen gets up from the Sofa and says we are taking this upstairs and Ulrich jumps up and follows. Joe says "come on" and helps me up from the sofa as Henrik follows, I link arms with both as we head for the lifts. The lift door opens and we all cram inside one carriage. Karen and Ulrich engage in another Deep kiss as the lift moves up. Henrik takes my hand and places it on the front of his trousers. "Jeez" I gasp "that is huge" he smiles and leans down and plants a wet kiss on my lips as Joe squeezes my bum through my dress. We kiss for what seems an hour until the lift pings and we walk onto the landing. Room 233 is where we head into. A king size bed a couch and even bigger bathroom is what awaits, Wow I think to myself.

Karen wastes no time and drops to her knees and unbuckles Ulrich's belt. I watch on as Henrik and Joe come and start touching me again, Joe is licking my earlobe again and squeezing my left breast Henrik is on the other side with a hand up my dress rubbing me through my now wet thong. I am in return rubbing his hard cock through his trousers. My dress gets unzipped at that point and falls to the floor. I am watching Karen attack that Huge Black cock as I am man handled out of my dress. My bra is unclipped and both men start to suck on my nipples. Never having had that done before is a sensational new experience.

Karen Looks up at me as she sucks smiling at me. I have a hand in my knix too rubbing my wetness. "Give them both a good suck" comes a voice from across the room as Karen gives some encouragement. The men stand up and say our turn, as I go squat down between them and undo both pairs of trousers. Can't believe I am about to suck a 61 year old cock I think as 2 impressive boners spring out. I wank them a little, give them both a lick and each in turn I suck hard. I am a frustrated little slut and really need this now. Karen is now getting undressed by Ulrich who in turn strips off down to his bare black body. Wow I think as I gobble the 2 dicks at either side of me. Karen lays on the bed as Ulrich gives her a good licking.

I am pulled up by my arms and led over to the bed and led next to Karen. Joe pulls my thong off and starts to work his tongue on my clit. What an old experienced tongue he has. Henrik sits up top above our heads playing with both our boobs and wanking with his spare hand. We both reach up and tease his cock and balls with a hand each as he groans above us.

Part 3 coming soon