Written by Linzi88

21 Sep 2016

So here we are led on the bed with Ulrich licking Karen and Joe licking me, Henrik is above us both squeezing our boobs as we teased his cock and balls with our fingertips. Joe inserts a finger into me as he licks, I am so wet now as I hear Karen moaning next to me. Joe shifts and positions himself in front of me " Fuck me" I whisper as Henrik lowers down and I take his cock between my lips and give it a soft sensual suck. Joe rubs his cock over my clit a few times then slides it in. "Oh fuck" I moan as he starts a fast rhythm deep inside me.

Karen is also moving next to me as Ulrich lays on the bed and she straddles his big black cock. I see her slide down with ease and start to ride him, Her huge boobs bouncing like 2 water bombs as she moans. Ulrich grabs them as she takes all of what seems like 8 inches up inside her. Joe is also nailing me hard now and talking dirty " Like this dirty old man fucking you then?" he asks in between breaths.

"God yes, hope my younger pussy feels good" I reply

" Going to be my naughty girl tonight" he says

" I will do anything you like" I promise still sucking Henrik's cock in between words.

Joe pulls out and Henrik moves down and thrusts me onto all fours, he spanks my butt cheeks then puts his big cock straight in me, I am bent over close to Ulrich, who reaches up and squeezes my breast as I start to get hammered from behind, Karen is still enjoying the ride off Ulrich. I lean down and give Ulrich a long hot kiss as we are entwined in this position. Joe has stood up and feeds Karen some of his cock.

Karen climbs off and gets on all fours facing the same way as me, Joe slips into her as Ulrich lies in front of us both and we each suck that big black member, I take the balls and Karen the shaft and vice versa. Our tongues meet in the middle and we share little kisses. I think by now I want to break my taboo and try black for the first time. Henrik pulls out and I carry on sucking Ulrich, " I want to try this " I say to him winking my eye.

" Hmm sure, come over here" he leads me to the Couch and lays me back spreading my legs he takes me from the front facing him, he quickly starts thrusting into me, I can feel that huge monster cock deep in me as I scream in pleasure. He grabs my shoulder to get more power as my boobs rock back and forth, "Fuck me with that huge cock" I say as he obliges with an even harder technique.

As I am being hammered I see over on the bed Karen bent on all fours and Joe with a bottle pouring oil over her butt, she is sucking Henrik as Joe starts fingering and probing her asshole. Ulrich has slowed to a more sensual technique in me now as he sucks my boobs at the same time I hold his shaven head. I am watching with interest the scene on the bed too as Karen is now riding Henrik and Joe is oiling his cock up. I can see what is coming as he sithes up behind her and with a little bit of persuasion squeezes into her ass. I look on as Ulrich speeds up again and drives me to the point of orgasm, Seeing Karen and the men and the feeling of Ulrich takes me to another level.

" Im going to cum " I say to him

"Do it baby" He replies and with that I lose control and squirt for the 1st time ever, he pulls out as my juices splash onto his cock and abdomen.

"Oh god that was awesome" I say short of breath.

" hmmm that was sexy" he says as he stands up and demands I clean it all off..

I suck the juices off him slowly as Karen is getting fucked very loudly across the room.

"Sounded like you enjoyed that Linzi" Karen says from the bed

" you bet I did" I say with the cock between my lips.

" Come try this now" She winks at me

The 2 men pull out as I stand up and walk over, legs like Jelly not tried this before, I take her place on top of Henrik and slide him into my now sensitive pussy, Joe rubs some oil over my asshole and starts fingering, I start to ride Henrik as I feel Joe behind me and with a little bit of movement I manage to accommodate him in my arse. I feel a total slut now as I have both of them fucking me in rhythm. " oh shit" I groan as I am in pleasure heaven, Karen has took my place with Ulrich as they touch touch each other watching me get fucked.

I feel both guys getting more intense as I hear Joe in my ear " I need to cum now" Henrik also starts to groan, " me too" he says

" hmm come on then" I reply and they both pull out as I kneel on the floor with Karen, all 3 wank in front of us until we feel an explosion of sticky cum hitting out faces and chests, after what seems half a gallon of spunk we turn to each other and share a cum kiss as it dribbles down both our huge boobs, we kiss and cum play and suck them. also we suck the residue off the 3 cocks.

We all shower together then crash out on the king size beds, Morning after we wake up have breakfast and go our separate ways, Contract signed.

The end