5 Jun 2017

hi all

here's another about Jane and I

Jane had a friend called Maria who I had been trying to get off with.

Maria is married to a right plonker who never treats her right. over a couple of months I had managed to Maria to start wearing stockings when she came around to see Jane and her skirts were getting shorter, Jane knew I was trying to get into Marias knickers and even made excuses to leave us alone, but the furthest I got with Maria was to get her tits out and let me suck her nipples.

This changed when Jane told Maria about us going dogging. She wanted to know all the details where we went what happen etc . so we asked her if she wanted to come out with us one Friday or Saturday. I was amazed how quickly she said yes

so two weeks later I'm sat in my car with Jane and Maria on the way to castle eden, on the way we pull in two rushyford layby but there are only gays playing so we carry onto castle eden.

when we arrive there are two regulars already there I went over to talk to them and they ask if jane up for fun tonight I said yes she was and told them about Maria.

I went back to my car and told Jane that they and asked if she was up for fun , too right she said and took off her skirt and got out of the car dressed in a white blouse black stockings, black thong and black heels and said to me and Maria to have fun as she was going to go over to have some fun. With that I watched her cross the car park and get into the passenger seat of a white van .

I knew she was safe as we had met with him before, so i said to Maria my I join you in the back Yes please was her answer.

as soon as I was in the back with her it was like a switch had been flicked on. We kissed and our tongues entwined she started moaning . So I started t move my hand up her thigh with no resistance. when I reach where her panties should have been there where none .Maria giggled and said Jane had told her not wear any wow. Maria was not completely shaved but had a trimmed little strip . I asked her to lie down so I could lick her pussy which she said her husband never did .

I spent about twenty mins licking, sucking and kissing her pussy until she came . she was a real screamer I think they could hear her in Hartlepool . I then moved up her body and asked her if she was ready to be fucked "shut up and put it in" was her response. I easy my cock into her pussy and noticed two men stood outside wanking. I told maria who tensed up slightly but then relaxed as I was slowly fucking her. I said that I was going to open the door next to her head and would she like to play with the cocks MMMMMMM was all I got when the door opened one guy moved forward and Maria sucked his cock. I was close to coming and told Maria who grabbed my arse and pulled me closer until I came . Maria said she need to come again and told the other guy to fuck her. I said to Maria I was going to see if Jane was ok and if she need me to shout as I was not far away

Jane was now in the back of the van with three men one was rubbing his cock on her face where he had come.

when jane and Maria had finished they had both been fucked by four guys

Maria came out with us a few times more but she preferred meeting in hotels and eventually moved away