Written by Lancscpl69

30 Nov 2010

My husband kindly set me a challenge to try and push my boundaries a little. On receiving the task I was both nervous and excited. I have only ever had fun with my husband there and have never contemplated branching out on my own before; so my nervousness was also met by fear.

The stipulation of the challenge was to meet a guy in a car park and wank/suck him till he came. I had to keep my husband up to date with any arrangements I made via email and how I was planning to do it. At first I thought I absolutely could not possibly do this but I also wanted to pass. I did not want to fail.

I started by placing an ad here on sh stating exactly what I wanted from a guy. I received lots of responses and it took time to whittle it down to a couple of possibilities. I then opted for someone and we arranged to meet in a car park - which was busy, but not too busy. I got dressed into sexy knickers and bra and wore a loose fitting dress and long boots. Whilst getting dressed I was started to feel turned on at some new cock to suck and feel.

We met in a the car park and parked next to each other as I had already established what kind and colour of car he would be in. I gave a wave for him to come into my car. We chatted a little and I explained that my husband knew where I was and he would call shortly to check on me. I was so nervous and horny; and although feeling a little shy, I realised this is 'my' challenge so I started to touch the outside of his trousers and I could fee he was hard already - I was desperate to feel the real thing and have the cock in my mouth and I was feeling wet by now. I told him to take his trousers down and I was met with a throbbing black cock before me. I asked him to video me using my phone. I immediately put my mouth to it sucking furiously. He started to feel my tits and it felt good. I was wanking and sucking him and only a couple of minutes passed when he spurted his load into my appreciative mouth. Wow! I thought! He cleaned up and before he left the car I asked him to send an email to my husband via my ad to confirm our meeting. He agreed, thanked me and left my car.

I contacted my husband immediately to tell him and at that point I was met by further instructions to drive and meet him - which I obediently did. When I arrived my husband got into my car, asked for my phone so he could watch the video of me sucking the other guy off, he lowered his trousers and pushed my head hard down onto his cock. He was so hard that I was choking. He felt good. He opened my legs and found my pussy all wet. I was moaning with such pleasure. I continued to suck hard and fast and for the second time in a half hour I was met with another load of spunk in my mouth which I swallowed then sucked and licked him clean. I felt fit to burst at this point, so I opened my legs wide, lifted my dress up and he rubbed my clit hard fast....I was ready to cum, when I asked him to poke me hard and fast while I wanked myself. It was an amazing fulfilling orgasm. He then left my car, I drove home and received and email syaing I had passed my challenge with flying colours.