Written by Sarah,Worthing

11 Jul 2014

Following on from my posting earlier in the week, this is meet two. The bits around it are vague as it was a couple of years ago but I remember the spa sex as if it was yesterday.

To recap I was 48, 34f, large nipples, shaven, size 14 on top and 10-12 below.

What I really liked about Grant was he listened to what I wanted, and asked questions, getting me to expand on anything vague. So when I said I wanted many guy's he'd ask how many and make me be specific.

I'd had a couple of so called gang bangs but always felt frustrated because most guys were no show's, or couldn't perform in front of others. Or claimed to know places to go yet when push came to shove they were clueless. What set Grant aside was he did know places, and could walk the walk.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and, as instructed, I'm standing by Brighton pier wearing a coat and heels. it was bloody windy and I struggled to contain my dignity. After a while he pulled up and I climbed into his van, a white transit type. After just a few minutes were were parked up and he'd fed the meter. "Hand me your coat" he said. I could see the spa, it was maybe 100metres away, this was broad daylight. I protested and he laughed. "Just give it to me"...I obliged. My nipples were hard, part through cold, part through being turned on. The bugger walked slowly and two cars drove by, the second beeping his hooter. I felt a sense of exhilaration that I'd never felt before. We were ushered into a small open changing room, I literally just took my shoes off and I was naked. They give you a towel to wrap around yourself but Grant kept mine. We then walked past a little cafe area and down some stairs, followed by two men who were hanging the cafe. Downstairs there were a few solo men and an overweight blonde woman giggling in the jacuzzi which oddly didn't seem to be working. It was a sort of warm bath.

I was conscious that I was basically being paraded. He just asked some guys if they want to fuck me upstairs, which left me gloriously humiliated.

I showered, watched by 4 guys and Grant, him telling them what a slut I am. I was really in my element, almost foaming at the cunt.

He had a little toiletry bag, and produced a collar and lead which was put firmly round my neck. He also produced a marker pen and wrote "slut, any hole, etc" on me before leading me past the jacuzzi, pool, and up what seemed like endless stairs to what i think was the second floor.

Word has spread and I was led to a room which consisted of a kind of gym mat bed with mirrors on the walls and ceiling.

I was on all 4's with around 8 or 10 guys waiting for the action. Grant produced two packs of 12 condoms and told me I could not leave the room until all had been used. This was new territory for me. I'd done 7 guys before but nothing like this. Thankfully he also produced some lube and introduced me as his fuck slut. He set out the rules, any hole was a goal but if they do my arse first they cannot do my cunt after (I was relieved), they can cum in the condom or on me, or in my mouth. They can hit me but only with an open hand, no punching, and cannot mark my face in any way. They cannot put their cock in my mouth until its been in one of my other holes.Finally he chooses who fucks me (which i think gave him a power trip). "Ok who wants to go first" he asked before handing out a condom. A dolop of lube on my arse and he was straight in. He was clueless and came within a handful of strokes, mumbling an apology. The second guy knew his stuff, he fucked my cunt hard, whilst pulling my hair and spanking me, occasionally putting his fingers up my bum. It was a good shag and eventually he came round the front and exploded in my mouth, all the time calling me a slut. Number three went for the cunt too sliding easily in as I was soaking. I'd already lost count of the times I'd cum, squirting heavily and screaming with each squirt. The third guy switched to my arse and the extra tightness made him cum almost immediately.

The next guy didn;t want to use a condom and Grant told him to fuck off. There was a bit of a row but another guy slipped on a condom and flipped me onto my back, God he was aged around 19 or 20 and what he lacked in experience he made up for in energy, he was going so fast but came within a few minutes. Next was a black lad, a mate of the younger one and he did me hard. It was a good 20 minutes before he pulled out and exploded on my tits and face. I eagerly cleaned it up scooping it into my mouth.

The guys kept cumming, literally. I quickly got into double figures, the lube keeping me going. I was loving it but getting bored which Grant picked up on. "Two at a time guys" he told the next two waiting in line, handing them condoms. Remember I was still wearing a collar and lead. I was soon riding one guys whose long slim cock probed the depths of my cunt whilst the guy behind me was thrashing away at my arse.

Next Grant took his turn, more dominant than the others, spitting into my eager mouth, fucking me hard and deep bareback. I really felt like an owned slut for the first time in my sexual journey. I craved this.

The next guy had me again on my back, and the fat woman from earlier wandered in. Grant whispered something to her and she straddled my face, her weight and flesh making it har to breathe but I eagerly pushed my tongue into her cunt. Two more guys came and went, my arse off limits as I was flat on my back eating cunt. She came, it was a torrent all over my face, seemingly gallons of it.

When she climbed off, I looked at grant smiling, holding two empty condom boxes. "24?" I asked him? No, 20, he replied, Two guys went soft waiting and one guy went three times.

"You've not finished yet" he led me out of the private room area and back down to the basement. Around a dozen guys, all of whom had fucked me were waiting. I was led past them to a shower at the very end. "get on the floor" he barked out, within seconds I was surrounded, the guys pissing on me.

As soon as it started it ended. I cleaned myself up, put my coat and heels back on and he dropped me back at my car parked on the front, just east of the Pier.

Oh and for anyone who wants to complain about my grammar, punctuation, spelling use of paragraphs, etc, I'm typing this on the train home from Victoria, my knickers are soaked, I can smell my cunt, I'm on heat, my nipples are rock hard, the old fella next to me is trying to read what I'm writing. If he is and wants to fuck me in the toilet, I am game.

I met Grant just once more after this, entertaining builders at a building site.