Written by Kathy T

2 Nov 2014

I had been away at college for almost five years, and was now 19, and when I returned, everything was a bit different. I left a little girl and came back a woman.

At my parents annual Christmas Bash, my date got a little too drunk and embarrassing. We got him a cab and sent him away. I was looking forward to some sex tonight but it just left in a cab. I was sitting alone in the living room watching TV when an older black man approached me. “Kathy…is that you?” It was Mr. Williams. I’ve know Mr. Williams pretty much my whole life. He’s my fathers business partner and really close friend. He’s in his late 50’s, black, and looks like he’s kept himself in decent shape, but balding. I remember throughout my childhood, he was known as quite the player, with the ladies. Always had a beautiful white woman on his arm. “Hi Mr. Williams! Where’s your date? You’re not here dateless are you?” I said in my sexy/teasingly way. He tells me that he’s here with me, and that I’m his date. We laugh as he tells me to stand up so he could get a good look at me. I do, and spin for him. “God damn Kathy. You sure have grown up haven’t you baby?” I recognize that tone.. I know the effects I have on men and old Mr. Williams was no different. I felt his eyes burning through me and undressing my tight young white body. He surprised me by grabbing me in his arms and squeezing me tight, telling me to give him a big hug. I was kind of shocked when I instantly felt a hardening piece of man flesh against my tummy(and black, at that!!). Our eyes locked on to one another as he seemed to be waiting for a response, though looking a bit afraid and embarrassed! I smiled at him and said,

“Mr. Williams, you are a dirty old man aren’t you? Don’t worry, this is usually the effect I have on all my dates.” Before he could respond, my dad enters the room, scaring us both as we jump apart quickly. He says, “Good Kenny. You could keep her company since her little boyfriend had to leave so suddenly. Now she wont be alone. C’mon… I need you guys to help me make room for the dancing.” Yes daddy. And we went off to help.

During the course of the evening, Mr. Williams was never too far from me. I would always catch him staring at me with eyes of lust. So, I did my best to keep teasing him and driving him crazy. At one point he was standing real close behind me as I bent over to talk to my aunt, rubbing my tight ass against his crotch. I would walk away and just smile at him. This sexy game was getting really fun! Especially with my family and their friends all around!

To top it off, I think he was trying to get me drunk because every time my drink was empty, he would hand me a fresh one. I was getting quite tipsy. He asked me to dance and I (of course)said yes. While we were dancing close, I started to feel his cock getting hard again. I look over at my parents and they wave and smile at me, clueless to their old black friend trying to seduce me right in front of them! I have to admit, It was really turning me on! Then he whispers in my ear if I could feel what I‘m doing to him? I smile and nod yes to him. Then he asks me if I want to see it? I look at him in shock! Before this, it had all been fun teasing and flirting. But now, we were both crossing lines we shouldn’t. He asks me again and I don’t know what came over me but I guess I crossed that line and nodded yes to him. Wait!! This is so wrong! I must be really drunk. I tell him this and I pull away from him and go off to the restroom to get my senses back. I dash some water on my face and look at myself in the mirror. What was happening? The fact that this was all so wrong and taboo, and he was so old and practically family. And I truly loved being chased and turning on such a man…I could feel myself moist inside my panties! I dried my face off and didn’t know what to do. I opened the restroom door and standing there was Mr. Williams! He pushed by me and shut the door behind him. My head was spinning, I didn’t know what to do! He pushes me back and sits me on the toilet. I sit there still, looking up at him. Without a word, he unbuckles his pants and quickly pulls them down to his knees. Oh my!! My heart is about to explode out of my chest! He grabs both of my hands and place them on his huge hard black cock right in front of my face! I cant take my eyes off of it as I begin to pull slowly back and forth on it. I cant explain the feeling rushing through me! Still staring at it, he pushes his hips forward at me, whispering to me that I should kiss it. I don’t even answer as it hits my cheek, then my chin, then it hits my mouth and I do begin to kiss his fat black cock head! As I’m kissing on it, a thick clear drop comes out of his pee hole and I lose it and open my mouth wide and take him in my hot mouth! It tastes so sweet that I keep sucking wanting to taste more. He starts mumbling things to me and breathing a lot harder as I keep sucking his old delicious black cock! I’m in a lusty heaven when there’s knocking on the door! “Kathy, honey? Are you in there?” Its my mom! In a panic, Mr. Williams steps away and quietly pulls his pants up. I stand up and yell out that I’m ok and I’ll be out in a minute. She says she was just checking up on me as I hear her walk away. I tell

Mr. Williams that I’m going to my room and he should come too. He has this look like I’m crazy as I leave the restroom and go tell my parents that I’m not feeling too good and that I’m turning in early. We say our goodnights and I practically run up the stairs to my room. I lock the door and quickly strip out of my dress and lay on my bed in just my panties. I’m on fire and hornier than I’ve ever been as I start to rub my soaked panties. Right then, there’s a quite tapping on my door. I throw a robe on and answer it as Mr. Williams pushes by me again. I lock the door and turn to him and push him back till he falls on my bed. I jump up on him and wildly rip at his pants trying to get them off! He helps me and out jumps his huge black cock again! As soon as I see it, I go nuts! He cant believe it as I attack it with my lips and mouth. Thank god the music from the party is so loud because old Mr. Williams is pretty loud! “Oh my god…..Jesus Kathy….Ohhhhhh that feels so good baby! Oh my god….oh my god…Kathy….Uhhhh!”

His whole body began to jerk as he filled my mouth full of his hot creamy cum. There was so much of it! I tried my best to swallow it all. When he was finally done, I lay down right next to him, still stroking his black cock. I began to tell him how naughty and bad he has been, taking advantage of a sweet little white girl…and what would happen if my daddy walked in right now. All of a sudden I noticed his cock in my hand was getting harder and harder! I stood up on my bed and let the robe slide off me. His eyes nearly popped out of his head! I pulled my panties off of me and stood over him with a foot at each side, right over his huge black pole. He looked like he was about to have a heart attack as I squatted down and guided that fat cock inside me. We both moaned loudly as he entered me. We had to go really slow at first, but that was ok with both of us. It felt so good, stretching my young white pussy. I was almost cumming! Our pace quickened and soon I had a good motion on top of him. My little puss started to spasm and cum like never before! I have never felt like this before! I kept cumming when I heard him say he was about to cum again. I waited till the last second and jumped off of him and covered his beautiful black cock in my mouth right as he fed me my second load! He was seriously screaming and I thought he might be heard over the party!

Mr. Williams stayed that night until early morning where he could sneak out and not be seen. I only had three weeks over this Xmas break(before I head back to college) but

Mr. Williams and I met secretly almost every night. He taught me my lust for BBC that I could never shake.