Written by jan3_jun

9 Oct 2011

Feeling hesitate and slighly nervous as first time doggers, in broad daylight, we pulled into the car park half full with ramblers. We parked our van as discussed to enable our "on-looker" the best view with no interuptions, arriving early we started touching each other and decided the best way forward was to just imagine it was just the two of us, and to ignore him and be ourselves. We heard his van pull up next to our van, we opened the side quickly with excitement and I began sucking my lovers cock, from the corner of my eye i could see his vehicle but I had made the decision not to look at him. We then had oral sex, he had a perfect, slight ariel view of my wet pussy, for one moment amoungst the pleasure I suddenly thought "maybe he was not getting turned on by my large pussy lips", which I feel are an aquired taste, but my lover reassured me by telling me "hes wanking" ! we did want him to have pleasure also even though we knew nothing about him, a complete stranger, but we felt obliged to excite him. After a while my partner asked me to stick my ass in the air facing our "on looker" and finger myself, I did, i felt confident that my pussy was gorgeous, as my lover is so in love with it and tells me daily, I seperated my lips to show him just what I had and inserted two fngers into myself, played around, then licked my juicy fingers, i love that ! at this point my lover was getting turned on, he explained later that he could see the guy wanking over me, but he knew he could not have me, and that turned him on . Our watcher then drove off, we closed our side door on van, and lay there for a while, he then texted us to say thanks "came twice"....all in all it was a strange experience, would do it again, but the fact he was watching was not a massive turn on for either of us, maybe first time nerves, who knows.........