Written by April

22 Dec 2017

I’m April 38 and had been having a conversation with a member called Steve who informed me that he owned a private members club about an hour from me and that I was welcome to visit him at any time to view it. I politely declined his offer knowing I would simply die of embarrassment if I entered a club like that.

So as I said I’m 38 and not long out of a relationship but beginning to feel a bit lonely hence joining here for some adult conversation. Bill my ex was the second man I had slept with so I was still a relative novice to the sexual side of things and possibly a little blinkered.

So I’m 5 ft 3 with blonde hair to my shoulders and told I’m attractive which I guess is partly down to my figure which I keep in trim with lots of jogging.

I work as a secretary for a car seat company and on this particular day I have been sent on a course to further my knowledge of the different types of car seats available. I’m surprised to find I am the only lady on the course which I find rather boring despite the corny chat up lines that are thrown my way by the men most of whom I bet are married anyway.

So the morning finally finishes and we are told to regroup in an hours time at which point I wonder where everybody will go. The men decide to visit the local pub and try to talk me into joining them but I politely decline and decide to have a quiet dinner in my car.

I flit through my phone as I drink a cup of tea and log into swinging heaven just out of interest and am surprised to see so many people on it at this time of day. I chat to a few and get a message from Steve saying hi to which I reply . I’m not far from you I say remembering that he is just 5 minutes away and he says why not pop over. Well I guess I have nothing else to do I think and reply yes ok I will see you in a bit then. It’s a sunny day and I have a dress suit on with matching skirt and jacket and I put on my sun glasses for the short drive until I pull up outside a large brick building. I push my sunglasses onto my head as I make my way in my stilettos to the large wooden door and tap on the letterbox.