Written by April

23 Dec 2017

I look down and check my watch as I wait at the door and see that I only have 40 minutes before my course restarts. I almost give up and walk away but then hear footsteps and the door being unlocked before it opens and I see a man matching Steve’s appearance stood there smiling. He is fairly short and a bit tubby with a beard and his profile said he was 42 which looks about right. Hi you must be April he says beckoning me in I’m steve. Hi I smile nervously stepping into a hallway and having a look round before Steve asks me to follow him. This is my office he points out as we walk along the hallway but we will come back to that in a bit I would just like to show you the rest first. I follow him down a long corridor with rooms to the side which he informs me are for members to use and they all have different topics. I’m not really sure what he means by that and not particularly interested as I’m only here killing time anyway. We come to the end of the corridor and he pushes open a door and we walk into an area with a swimming pool and a hot tub. This is all free for members to use says Steve and the only rule is no clothes allowed beyond that door which rather shocks me. What and people actually come in here naked I say oh my god. Yes the members love relaxing in here he says it gets very busy. Blimey sounds like a bunch of perverts I think as I follow him back out the room and towards his office. So do you think that you would like to join asks Steve as we walk into his large office with a big wooden desk and chair. No I’m sorry I really don’t think it’s for me I reply I would be much too shy to be naked in front of people. Oh you shouldn’t let that worry you laughs Steve you are very attractive may I say and you have a great body from what I can see but you can do as much or as little as you want. No look I’m really sorry but it’s honestly not for me and I really need to be going soon I say. Listen says Steve why don’t I give you a months free membership and if you decide not to come here then that’s up to you I can’t be fairer than that. Well ok then I say but I almost definitely wouldn’t come here I’m just not that way inclined.

That’s absolutely fine says Steve it’s totally your prerogative and I completely understand if it’s not your thing so I just need to take a quick photo of you.

Oh okay I say looking at my watch but I don’t have much time aware of needing to get back to my course. Yes of course says Steve why don’t you have a look at some of our members in those catalogues while I set the tripod up April. I wander across to his desk and lean against it picking up a leather binder that is placed on it and open it up. I’m quite impressed as I see a couple of very attractive women members smiling on the first pages and then a very handsome young man. And these people are all members I say looking across at Steve still sorting out his camera stuff. Yes they are all members here he replies feel free to keep browsing I won’t be too much longer.