Written by April

23 Dec 2017

I turn over a couple more pages and I see more photos of men and women and notice that the pictures are beginning to get a bit more revealing with some of the women in their underwear. I’m starting to feel intrigued and the next page reveals a topless woman smiling back into the camera and I can’t help thinking how beautiful she looks. I quickly turn the page and she has her back to the camera with her knickers round her knees as she looks back smiling with her pert bum on show. I can actually feel myself getting hotter as I thumb through more pages and see men and women in various forms of undress before I’m startled back into reality with the sound of Steve calling me. You enjoying those he laughs and I feel myself blushing as the camera flashes in front of me and I try to regain my composure smiling back into the camera. Ok give me 2 minutes says Steve opening the door and feel free to have a look at the other brochure I think you may just like it.

I watch as he leaves the room and turn to pick up the other brochure that is on his desk and open it up. Oh my god the lady is almost naked with a man laying next to her in just his pants and my eyes stare at the bulge wondering what it looks like . My heart is beating hard as I turn another page and I love what I see as the woman is now naked and I can see her dark pussy which looks beautiful in the light and I study it having not seen many naked women in my life. The next page shows her with her legs apart and the mans hand resting on her thigh as he lays on his side naked but not revealing himself. I feel like a naughty child as I grab the page turning it and am met with the gorgeous sight of the mans hard penis and realise how turned on this is making me feel. I really should stop but can’t help myself as the next page shows the woman with her tongue licking his hard cock. My mouth waters at the thought of it and I wish it was me there taking him into my mouth as my mind wanders imagining how good it would be. It’s been so long since I even saw a mans cock let alone touched one and I smile as the next picture shows her taking him into her mouth. My fingers are trembling in anticipation as I turn the page and I nearly cum there and then as I see his cock deep inside her pussy and I find myself having to adjust my skirt to make myself comfortable again. I notice how heavy my breathing has become I flick through seeing more couples having sex in diferent positions and I feel so jealous of them wishing it was me instead of them. Maybe I should have let one of the men on the course fuck me after all I think having never felt so turned on or frustrated before. I hear Steve’s voice and realise he is back in the room and wonder how long he has been there watching me get more and more turned on as I study each and every page. I’m beyond caring to be honest as each page brings about new people or positions and I’m almost relieved when I hear Steve say to unbutton my blouse. My fingers are shaking as one by one I undo each button barely taking my eyes from the pages apart from when Steve says to look at him. I undo the last button and my blouse falls open and I’m relieved to notice that at least I wore some nice underwear today which is more luck than judgement as Steve tells me to remove the blouse. I’m half looking at him and half the pictures as I slide the blouse down my arms and place it on the seat by the table. It’s almost a relief to get it off as I feel myself burning up from the excitement of the pictures and my eyes widen as I see a picture of a man cumming in a woman’s mouth. What an absolutely great picture I think seeing the little mound of cum on her tongue and I find myself swallowing almost tasting his cum. April the skirt I hear Steve shout and I know that he wants me to remove it and I shock myself thinking that I will if he wants me to. I reach back and unbutton the blouse before sliding the zip down and I feel the skirt fall loose around my waist allowing me to grab the sides and shuffle my hips as I pull it down over them. I push it down to my knees and let it drop to the floor carefully stepping out of it before placing it on top of my blouse. Smile says Steve and I look into the camera smiling as I stand in just my stilettos and underwear and wonder how those girls in the brochure felt stood here like this. Steve walks from behind the camera and across to me and shows me the last picture he has just taken as I feel his hand on my back. See you look awesome April says Steve and there you were worrying babe . I look at the photo and see myself smiling back into the camera and must admit I do look ok with my red underwear complementing my blonde hair and my figure matching those of the models. You up for more asks Steve and he says good girl as I nod obligingly watching him walking back behind the camera. Look at those girls and imagine it is you says Steve and my eyes return to the pictures as another page is turned showing a girl with cum dripping from her pussy. I study her partially open lips and see the cum as it seeps from inside her and wonder if she feels as turned on as I do right now