Written by April

21 Jan 2018

My god even when I am busy at work my mind keeps flashing back to having sex with those two young guys and I feel myself constantly getting turned on and having to deliberately change the thoughts in my head. I remember the young mans eyes as my bra was removed and he saw my boobs and realised this was actually happening. I’m looking back and thinking about being stood there naked in front of 3 of them and how I wouldn’t have even dreamt about it just a week earlier. Again I need to shake myself out of it before my workmates notice my day dreaming and start asking questions. I begin to look at the men that I work with in a different way and wonder what they are like in bed and nearly get caught a couple of times staring at them.

Over the next couple of weeks I find myself constantly masterbating dreaming about that day and I wonder if the young guys still discuss it. I lay in the bath unaware of my parting legs as I remember sucking hungrily on the guys cock as I knelt in front of him and him looking back down at me. Oh god stop it April.i begin to wonder and almost want Steve to call again imagining what he might have in stall for me this time and my mind wanders to all kinds of scenarios making me masterbate even more. I have never felt like this and it feels so strange to want to please Steve with whoever and however he wants and I find myself feeling more desperate the longer it takes him to call me.

It’s nearly 3 weeks now and I’m beginning to feel like a dog on heat as I even find myself looking at husbands whilst out shopping and imagine taking them into the toilets for sex. This is definitely not me but I can’t seem to control it and fight the urge to accept the offer of dates as I know what I am like just now and don’t want people to hear stories about me. Even casual chats with my girlfriends lead to conversations about sex and I have to rein myself in from saying too much as they tell me their stories . It becomes almost another week of desperation before I finally get a call from Steve early Friday evening and it’s such a relief to explain to him how I am feeling which almost relieves some frustration in itself. He tells me understands completely but has been very busy trying to attract new members and apologises for the lack of contact but he has missed me too. Look he says I am out in the pub with mates right now but I may still be able to help you out. I’m told to turn my cam on on my laptop and put it on the coffee table in my lounge facing my sofa. I’m then told to go and put on my sexiest underwear and bring any toys that I have as he has a client that may be interested in me doing some modelling for him and Steve thinks I would be ideal.i agree as Steve has seen all of me anyway and it may be a little fun so I say I will back in ten minutes and set up my cam ready. Chatting to Steve again has really put a spring back in my step and just hearing his voice gets me excited so I’m looking forward to seeing him on cam. My fingers are shaking like a silly excited school girls as I undress before going through my underwear until I find the outfit I was looking for and put it on. It’s a lilac coloured bra and knickers but quite sheer which just about let’s the darkness of my nipples and pubes peer through and I really hope that Steve likes it . I reach into my bedside cabinet and pull out my pink vibe before walking back downstairs and sitting on the sofa ready for Steve to turn on his end.