Written by DP

16 Aug 2011

About 5 years ago I posted details of my wife's encounter with our (then) young decorator and how she unwittingly put on a show for him - she was in a randy mood one morning and using her rampant rabbit on herself without realising that he was painting our bedroom window surround. She brought herself off to a shattering orgasm, opened her eyes and saw him gazing in lustfully. Of course one thing led to another and she ended up giving him a blow job. She has had a couple more encounters with him, but nothing too serious, so when we decided to have the outside painted again she suggested that we use him...!

She (J) now works full time so has had no chance of repeating past escapades, but last Saturday morning I woke up with a full blown morning glory and feeling like a shag. It's not often that J is really up for it in the morning - she usually just lets me get on with it then waits for me to make her a coffee! Not last Saturday, she was as up for it as I was.

No sooner had I suggested it than she had brought her vibrator out from under her pillow, kicked the covers off and started to massage her clit - all the time telling me to stop messing around and give her some knob! Who was I to refuse and I quickly turned her round and slipped into her already sopping cunt. I have always loved shagging J from behind and watching her large tits swing backwards and forwards to each thrust. She was rubbing her clit with the vibrator and playing with her huge nipples with the other hand with her face buried in the pillow as I just pounded into her. She was loving it and pushing her arse back at me harder and harder, quickly building up to her first orgasm. She came with a shudder and told me not to stop, just to keep fucking her as she built up again - just crying out Fuck me, Fuck me and finally letting rip a huge scream as she came again. This was all too much for me, I pulled out, turned her round again and shot my load all over her face, tits, hair - everywhere.

It was the best, dirtiest and most spontaneous sex we had had in ages and it took a little while for the penny to drop. J just lay there like the cat that had the cream, slowly masturbating in front of me as I heard a noise from the ladders outside. All the time we had been fucking, the decorator had been about 5 feet away up the ladder at our window, listening to everything but unable to see through the closed curtains. The dirty bitch had been putting on a show for him and loving every minute of it. I'm sure she's desperate to fuck him again, it's just a question of how I can engineer it.