Written by Travelbird

13 Apr 2014

I have to admit the fault is entirely mine, what happened was my responsibility. I could have prevented it happening.

I partly blame my husband, who on the drive there, had put the idea in my mind, what we know as sex with a stranger. I dont actually think he realised what he had done.

It was an afternoon appointment at the hospital, basically blood pressure, weight etc, prior to a later visit for some work on my hip.We decided to make day of it, so instead of jeans. I put on a nice flared above the knee dress, my heeled ankle boots,nude stockings, and my favourite white six strap suspender belt with white sheer panties, and white bra.

The first lesson was the wind, walking from the car park to the reception my dress spent more time above my waist than below, some of the guys walking past had a great show, John my husband thought it was great.

I was expecting one of the clinic nurses to do the check; so it came as a complete surprise when I was told a clinician who we had met before would do it. He was actually a very nice guy, and I actually felt very relaxed with him, he also happened to be quite good looking.His name was Andrew.

Whether he was actually a doctor I didnt know. Anyway he said that he wanted to check my mobility prior to any operation and that he was better suited to do this than a clinic nurse.

John and I followed him to a private consulting room, fairly small , just a desk, two chairs and an examination couch.

After introductions, he told us that we would be a while, and with the room being restrictive, John my husband might want to go to the cafe on the ground floor a more pleasant environment.

I never thought twice about this, as John left, nor did it occur that there was no female nurse with us.

Andrew explained the op procedure and that he wanted to test my reflexes and joint mobillty.

I was embarrassed as had I known this then my clothes would have entirely different. He explained that he needed to check both hips for tissue thickness.

I stood and he put both hands on my waist, running them down over both hips ending over the lower part of the cheeks of my bum.He then repeated this twice more. I must have been red with embarrassment as he clearly felt the outline of my suspenders, stocking tops and panty line.

Still standing he said he needed to check both hips visually and would I lift my dress. I hesitated but then did so. Exposing my sheer knickers which were very close fitting and suspenders.

He asked if I could move my legs apart just a little to flex my hips. Nervously I did, two things happened. The narrow crotch of my knickers edged into my pussy just enough for me to feel it.

Andrew who was attempting to be professional also seemed to struggling, I was aware that the front of his grey chinos had a distinct bulge.

He held me by the hips very firmly, his hands reaching around onto both my bum cheeks, his hold was so tight that it had the effect of pulling my knickers up , the crotch literally springing my pussy lips apart.

This was all wrong, yet I did nothing just stood there not saying a word, what a site I must have presented, a mature woman in a very compromising position. I hate to admit I was excited, something I couldnt hide, nor prevent my body from displaying as I began to get damp.

Part of my problem was nerve damage, and andrew asked if he could check my sensitivity in the groin area, it was more of a statement really, as he gently rolled my knickers down over my hips, leaving them gathered around my ankle boots. When his finger slipped into my pussy, that was it. I could not stop myself from having an orgasm. He apologised and said not to worry. I was only partly aware of him guiding me forward a little, hobbled as I was by knickers. I did hear his zip, as he bent me forwards slightly over the examination couch. He was fast, he was big, bigger than John; and he came in floods.

This was all very wrong I know that, but it was incredibly exciting. We finished the consult, and he suggested that I might need to have several follow up visits, I did not defer.

I joined John in the cafe, sat drinking coffee with Andrews cum leaking into my knickers.

John commented that I had been quite a while. I told him that we would be coming across again several times, in my mind I was actually planning what I would wear next time !!