Written by smurf9611

26 Mar 2010

Well what can i say , i didnt think this would happen to me , but it did .

I went to the supermarket on my own , the wife not feeling to well and i went around as always looking at what i want ed and of course a look at the ladys , well i went to the checkout and while waiting to go through a lovely lady came next to me in the queue , smiled at me and said hello , i thought nothing and smiled back and said hello , well while we both waited we swapped small talk as you do , but i was thinking , very sexy and how nice its to have a chat , weel after going through this sexy lady went through i just asked her if she fancied a coffee which she replied why not , we went back to our cars which were not that far apart , when she shouted fancy coming back to mine for that coffee , which i didnt refuse , who would lol ,

Well i went into her house and she went in the kitchen and put the kettle on , when she just said do you really want a coffee and then walked over to me and kissed me , i responed by kissing her back , she did no more and took me by the hand upto her bedroom turne dround and told me to strip , as i did she just lied on the bed opened her legs showing she had no knickers on and played with her pussy and moaned at me to hurry up , i was naked in a flash , went over layed down by her and started to kisses her once again , but also running my hand up her leg and to her wet pussy , she grabbed my cock and told me to fuck her hard but also to rip her blouse open and to pull at her boobs and nipples , i climbed on top and slowly pushed my now solid cock into her wet soaking pussy and then grab her blouse ,pulled hard and heard the buttons pop wow , what a sexy bra , oto which i just pulled this up and pulled her nipples which were rock hard , she then rolled me over onto my back and started to ride me hard while and pulled at her boobs and nipples , it was wild , she was moaning for more and wanting me to bite her

i said i was close to cumming and she just rode me harder till i came deep in her , and she came just after and collapsed on top of me , we both then laugh as we recovered . Then she sat up after few mins and took what was left of her blouse off , bra and skirt , aand said i think i should be naked as you are , with that she started t kiss my chest working her way down to my cock which was stiffing again and she took in her mouth , she was good , she knew exactly what she was doing , but she then climb over me leaving her legs either side of my head and told me to lick her which i did and she tasted wonderful with ,my cum and her juices mixed together , and then found her ass and lick that , she moaned again and wiggled her ass more into my face , she was still sucking me , she said keep going aand she came and her juices dripped onto my tongue and i lapped away at her , i then exploed into her mouth ,to which she swallowed it all ,

after we looked at eachother laughed and went and showered , we are going to meet again and i am sure i will have more to tell . But all this after saying hi in a supermarket , i didnt believe it could happen