Written by SW Meter Man

8 Oct 2007

Hi..... have posted a couple of times on here, and with the positive feedback received I thought I'd relate to you another one of my ventures. It all happened a while back now (must have been a while as MSN still had chatrooms then lol) and at the time I had been serving in the military away from Home.

The wife and I had tried the 'scene' with 3sums (initially to make sure we were both comfortable seeing each other with different partners) and couples, but she didn't take to it like she hoped and we agreed that, after a couple of disasterous meets mixed with a couple of good one's at the club we attended, we would be happier looking at the 'singles' market. We set and agreed some groundrules and before long both were chatting to others.

A little about M......... mid-30's (at the time), stunning blue eyes, natural blonde, 5'8" size 10 with a very nice 36b/25/35. Trimmed pussy and her nipples and clit pierced. She always turns heads but I sometimes wondered if it wasn't the people questioning 'whats a stunner like her etc'. I wasn't bothered though - it was me lying next to her at nights and not them lol.

During one of my visits home at a weekend M said she'd been chatting to a 'surf' guy who lived in Newquay and that he wanted to meet - socially at first and then take things from there if they were both comfortable for it. She said she had seen some pics of him and that they had dabbled in a little webcam fun - now M always struck me as a little shy in the exibitionism department, but she said that she felt so turned on that she was happy to expose all for this stranger to see....... even managing close-ups of her rabbit bringing her off as she spread her pussy wide open. Needless to say I was a little gobsmacked at her graphic display, but as we had agreed previously, I was happy for her to meet him after I had talked to him personally and got some details.

Nothing happened for a couple of weeks and we both put it down to him being a timewaster. Then, out of the blue, he was back in contact - turns out he had been working in London but had inadvertantly left his mobile at his pad in Newquay. So, they were back chatting to each other and playing online as and when they wanted. Obviously I was ok with this - M had always held back in the past when it came to sex, but since chatting etc she opened up more (literally) and our sex life was great.

The time came and they made arrangements to meet. M and B were going to meet locally, have a couple of drinks, meal and a chat, and then if they were both happy with what they both wanted (seemed there was no chance of that being in question after what they had done online), then they would arrange another date to fulfil their needs. M had taken the day off work to prepare herself..... all the trimmings - had her hair and nails done, went for a tanning session and treated herself to some retail therapy. Her preparation in the afternoon paid dividends and she looked absolutely stunning.... she pulled up her dress to reveal a basque, stockings and matching thong. I can tell you that all I wanted to do was pull the thong to one side and fuck her hard there and then. Alas, it was her night and not mine, so I had to contend with her giving me a flash of her freshly trimmed pussy, already shining from her juices.

I had B's mobile number but still wasnt sure how things would go, so M and I agreed that I would drop her at the meeting point and get his car registration before I headed off back to work in Surrey.

I dropped her off and drove a little way down the road and watched for a few minutes - would have been nothing worse then either of them getting cold feet, he driving off and leaving M stranded (that was my excuse and I'm sticking to it lol). He got out of his car to greet her and I thought 'fuck me' This guy was at least 6'7" and M (an impressive 5'10" or so in heels) looked tiny. Now I was intrigued why she had chosen him but that was to become evident later. They drove off and I received a text to let me know that things were fine and they were off for a meal. Relaxed a bit more now, I started my 200 mile drive.

Along the A303 I realised I had forgotten my laptop. This wouldn't have normally bothered me, but I had work on it and needed the following day for a presentation to students - oh well, nothing I could do but turn back, cursing myself for such a bloody stupid mistake.

Eventually I pulled into our road and surprise surprise B's car was there - parked discreetly a couple of hundred yards away drom our front door. M said they would probably pop back home for a private chat (said she would have felt uncomfortable talking in public about fucking someone else) For some strange reason I did the same and parked just behind his. I walked along the street, the lights were on but the curtains drawn. I got to the door and hesitated - did I go in and catch them fucking each others brains out, or do I wait until he leaves before retrieving the laptop. Neither, I thought to myself and made my way around around to the back of the house where I knew I would be able to see but not be seen.

Looking through the dining room window to the lounge I was disappointed. Both M & B were sat just chatting and enjoying a drink. This went on for a bout 15 minutes and I was beginning to feel a little bored. I went to the garden shed and very quietly and got a seat, placed it by the window and sat to see if things developed. About another 10 minutes passed and M got up, came into the dining room area and put on some music. Knowing that I could not be seen, I moved a little closer to the window...... what I was about to see had me cumming in my jeans.

On her way back to the lounge M unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. I could make out her great curves and that tight arse separated by the 'floss' of her thong. She walked to B and stood directly in front of him - this was side on to me but I was able to make out every move. She stood with her legs slightly parted and with one hand moved the material of her thong to one side, licked a finger and ran it along the crease of her trimmed pussy lips before inserting it inside her. B I could see just wanted to bend her over and fuck her, but she made him wait - instead she too her finger out and offered it to him to suck. She went down on her knees and ran her hand and face over the bulge in his trousers, then slowly unzipping him she let his throbbing cock out - quite an impressive one too.... not huge with a smaller girth than mine but longer. Without anything being said (from what I could see) she must have stuck a manicured finger straight up his arse, because he stiffened and cum straight away. M lapped it up (has always liked swalling cum) and sucked on his cock a few times to make him stay hard. I a sight I know so well as not being a long-stayer M often performs this on me so that recovery is quicker and I last a lot longer.

They both stood up and made their way through to the dining room table - fuck me, I was going to get a good view of M being shafted. B, with his cock still poking out from his trousers, helped M position herself on her back with her legs hanging over the table edge. His clothes were off in a flash and his tall frame loomed over the now spread legs of M. He lent over her, pulled the top of basque down and started to suck on each of her pierced rock hard nipples in turn. He made his way down her body and, drawing her legs up, slid her thong off and proceeded to bury his face in her pussy. M loves having her pierced clit nibbled and sucked on, and it was perfectly obvious from her looks and moves, that B was hitting the mark.

B stood, took hold of his stiff cock, and started to rub it at the entrance to M's pussy (difficult given his height and the table so he had to bend at the knees). He rolled a condom on and the next thing he plunged the whole of his cock deep inside her - her legs clamping around his waist and the look she gave him indicated that he might have been just a tad buried in her!! He took her legs and spread them.... all I could see was the top of her pussy mound and the shining shaft as it made long and slow thrusts. Her eyes were closed and hands playing with her stiff nipples - a very impressive 1/2" when she is fully aroused. She was pulling at the rings and biting her lip as he increased his speed. Both her hands then came down and it looked as though she was spreading her pussy lips further and indicating to him to fuck harder or deeper, or indeed both. I was impressed, not to mention hard as a rock as well, he had been shafting M for a good 15 or so minutes before he needed a break.

He stood and slid his still stiff cock out of M and after helping her off the table, guided her back to the lounge. She looked very unsteady on her feet (must have been a dodgy glass of wine lol) and B placed a couple of cushions on the floor. M went straight down onto all fours - her favourite position. B stood in front of her and was wanking his cock hard. Suddenly, and without warning, his body tensed and all I could see was a couple of jets of cum shoot between his legs onto her face and hanging tits. That was it and I cum myself - the sight of M with cum running down herself was just too much for me.

B went around and went onto his knees behind M and once again he was sliding a condom on and his cock into her, with her hips were moving back to meet his thrusts. It was evident that her hand was between her legs rubbing her pierced clit for all it was worth, and every so often she would look back and indicated for him to fuck her harder and faster. Then, again without warning, he withdrew and repositioned his cock so he could literally fuck the arse off her. M's face as he entered her arse was a truly erotic picture. He must have been going at it another good 5 minutes before he felt himself cumming again. Even from where I was seated I could see his face screwing up with concentration and it wasnt long before they both appeared to stiffen, hold their position and then collapse onto the floor. They were both laying there for what seemed ages before any further movement, when M slid off the condom and took his semi-hard cock in her mouth to lick it clean.

Not knowing how long they were going to stay there I decided it was time for me to make my exit - still had to get my laptop though, so I decided that it was best if I went to a nearby all night cafe and had a cuppa to calm down from the excitement and let them sort themselves out. After about an hour I ventured back onto our road and his car had gone and the downstairs lights were off. Thinking they might have both gone out (still early for clubbing in this neck of the woods) I let myself in. I went through to the dining room, smelling very heavily of sex, to get my laptopp and noted the main PC was still on - strange as I was the last to use it and always close it down.

Anyway, it was getting late for me, so I collected my bits etc and re-started my drive back to Surrey. A couple of days later I was chatting to M online and asked how things had gone between her and B (needless to say I was not letting on anything)...... M told me that they had eaten their meal, had a couple of drinks and then B came out with a strange request....... he wanted to have webcam sex with M but there was a twist - it was with his wife (back in Newquay) she wanted to watch him have sex with another woman whilst she was having fun with her own lover. M said that she had been reluctant at first (hence the long chat before they started) but said it turned her on more and more as she got into it.

I was gobsmacked when she told me this, but for a while they enjoyed meets under the same arrangements. There being another twist though these days..... I'm the one that pops up to Newquay when they meet and I get to enjoy his wife!!

Take Care and Happy Swinging Guys