Written by Muse2009

23 Jul 2012

The evening motorway traffic had been lighter than I anticipated making the 100 mile or so journey swifter than I had allowed for. Pleased with this miscalculation, I would have more time to lose myself in the indulgent uninhibited haven that you naturally inspired, or so I thought.

Your husband let me in a little surprised with my early arrival; I relayed the relative traffic free journey in my defence and handed him two bottles of Pinot Grigio. Not the usual salacious greeting I had become accustomed to, at the end of more punctually executed journeys.

"She's at the gym......getting into shape", he announced assuring me your return would not be too long.

Friday evening in the gym after work with an already curvaceous svelte body lap dancers would be content with. It made me feel a little conscientious at my own jadedness, albeit after a long drive at the end of a long week. We wandered into the kitchen, chatting amiably, catching up on suitably convenient topics such as work, the neighbours monstrous partially built extension and anything else remotely interesting we had come across or had read about. Both passing time, eagerly awaiting your return. We poured the wine, my senses ripe for the stimulating effect of the alcohol to eliminate the dulling effects of the drive, and resided to the living room. The heat from the log fire seduced me drawing me closer, but the images flickering on the large screen TV in the corner gripped and held me. I watched the images of you sitting tethered on one of the dining room chairs placed in the centre of the room I was now rooted to. The black cocktail dress loosened and open, your milky white full breasts exposed, your long legs sheathed in stockings extending to crimson red heels and the blindfold almost completed the debauched image on the screen. The scenario was completed by the naked toned torso and muscular legs of the anonymous ebony skinned gentleman standing next to you, his thick impressive erection signalling his arousal which quickly grew and engorged further when he placed the end between your parted lips. My own arousal stirred powerfully and pulsed, as I sat down on the armchair and continued to absorb the close up HD image of you stretching your lips and drawing the thick flesh of your co-star deep, before releasing him for your tongue to trace the entire length of his erection. The sensations you were rousing in your co-star, I knew from experience were mind blowing, as your husband appreciated to. We both sat entranced in front of the screen as you feasted on the now huge ebony endowment of your partner in crime.

I'm not sure how many moments had passed, when the front door closed with a dull thud, waking your husband and I from our trance like state.

"Your early", your voice echoing through from the hallway, having registered my car in the driveway. Entering the room through the French doors clad in tight lycra leggings and a fleece, you looked radiant after your workout.

"Tut tut......you guys just can't get an enough of me, can you", shooting your husband a wicked grin as you skipped over the carpet placing your shapely bottom on the armrest allowing yourself to slip onto my lap. Our lips met and embraced before you took the wine glass from my hand and helped yourself to a couple of gulps. We kissed again, our lips lingering, one hand tracing across the tight lycra glued to your buttocks, the other gently teasing an covered erect nipple enlivened from the cold night air. My own arousal pulsing against you, my hunger growing. Mischief in your eyes with a strong desire to shower and freshen up after the workout, you got up and left us to enjoy the other salacious you on screen, which had now incidentally moved from the living room to the bathroom, where you and your co-star kissed and intimately rubbed soap over each others dripping wet bodies.

The home movie had moved to the bedroom depicting you sitting naked in hose crimson heels, your legs draped over the sides of the bedroom chair as your ebony lover knelt in front of you, his tongue flicking between your legs. It was at this point, the French doors nudged open and you slowly crawled in on all fours, the same crimson heels covering you feet, your legs encased in sheer black stockings, a white tight shirt draped across your back unbuttoned revealing your shapely breast hanging underneath you. I watched absorbed as you slowly crawled across the carpet like a salacious prowling cat. My attention was firmly back to the here and now, as you manoeuvred between my legs and pulled the shoelaces loose removing my shoes and socks before tugging my belt loose and de-robed me from the waist down. Flicking the buttons of my shirt open, I completed the process of undressing for you. Raising yourself up you gripped my growing arousal between the flesh of your full breasts as our lips locked and tongues brushed against each other. Fully erect, I strained and throbbed against your soft flesh enveloping me. My hands lowered, holding and squeezing your buttocks as tongues continued to work enticing our arousal further. Your husband glanced over, quietly observing us before taking the camera that I failed to notice beside him on his chair. Pushing me back in the chair, you released my erection from the fleshy confines of your breasts and lowered your open lips over the end drawing me in deep. I watched you, watching me as you released me, your tongue running up and down the length of my arousal before your lips expanded drawing deep once more. The screen flickered in the background, drawing my eyes momentarily to you lying on your bed the thick full dark erection penetrating you deep and slow, you legs wrapped around those of your muscular lover. The feelings of arousal grew quick and fast, the multiple images of you in front of my eyes sending too many signals of lust and pleasure to my brain. Unable to contain and grow my arousal in a more controlled manner, my whole being pulsed and orgasmic pleasure washed over me which you sensed and held me still between your lips. The throes of ecstasy subsiding our eyes remained glued on each other, before you released me and traced your closed lips across my navel and chest. Rising to meet you, our lips locked once more savouring the moment. Your husband captured the moments for prosperity, before we swapped positions you in the chair and I submissively knelt between your legs, your eyes free to feast on me and your sexual diary on screen.