Written by jackt1up

29 May 2012

For a while I have been offering one or two couples on here the opportunity to explore their voyeuristic side by me chauffeuring them around in my people carrier with blacked out windows. They do their stuff in the back while I drive around, peeking at them in the rear view mirror.

Inevitably, there were many timewasters playing email ping pong (probably getting off on the thought of it) and I had just about given up. I then had an email from a guy called Mark who wanted me to chauffeur him and his wife Maisy. I assumed it was another timewaster but dutifully I answered their many questions.

Eventually we agreed a date – one late afternoon in early May. The weather had been lousy but that day it cleared up a little. I picked up Mark at an office near Guildford. Half a mile down the road we picked up Maisy. Mark went to speak with her (presumably to reassure her) and soon we were on our way. Mark opened a hip flask in the back and they drank from it and canoodled for a while. As I drove I could see that Mark was working his way nicely up Maisy’s skirt and presumably was fingering her (judging by her face).

Fair play, they were really into each other and soon Mark had Maisy riding him on the back seat as I carefully drove around. I had a good view of them but Maisy’s skirt was a little too long for me to see her pussy. Soon though she pulled it down over her slim hips and I could see that she was knickerless underneath. Soon she straddled him again and rode him well, swaying as we went round a roundabout.

They asked me to drive to Woking, which I did and into the car park of one of the local golf clubs. I was instructed to park as near to the clubhouse as possible whilst maintaining their privacy. Once parked up I was allowed to turn around and watched them from my seat. Maisy was lying back on the back seats and Mark was slamming into her, his jeans around his ankles. I could tell they were both close to coming. Soon Mark emptied his balls into her, and she clung on to him and milked his cock. When Mark pulled away I got a decent view of her cream pie before she stuffed some tissues between her legs and pulled her skirt back on. I was asked to drive on.

When they were decent they had another drink and asked me to drop them off at an address about 5 miles away. I didn’t know the way but they directed me via the railway station. At the station, Mark hopped out, gave Maisy a kiss and went for a train. I then drove Maisy home, saying nothing. She sat in the back brushing her hair and making herself presentable.

We soon arrived at the address. Maisy asked me to pull up in a side street. I opened the door for her. ‘thanks’ she said. ‘that was fun’. I asked her if Mark had had to go back to work. ‘oh no’ she said. He’s gone home to his wife’. The penny dropped. ‘so you’re not married to each other?’ ‘no. Although I wish we were. My husband is married to golf. He’ll be in the bar at the club we just stopped at. Won’t be back for ages yet. Thanks again.’ And with that she was gone.