Written by Tzar30

27 Jul 2007

I have been reading quite a few stories on here and some have been pretty good. My first story goes back a few years, the year 2000 in fact. I used to see some of the guys at work on Lycos chat but thought nothing of it. Then one day, I got drawn into a chat that a mate was having with a woman... she sounded horny. That afternoon, I created a profile and started chatting too.

About a week later I got talking to this woman from Holland called Martina. She sounded very horny and told me that she needed a good seeing to, it turned out that she was a dentist over there and just by chance was going to come over to London to meet a friend in three weeks. I cheekily asked her if she wanted to meet me to she replied yes. She took my work number and before you know it, was on the phone to me.

Anyway, I started staying late at work under the pretence that there was a lot work on, but in reality, we\'d phone one another. Finally, the day came when she was going to arrive. I booked a room near Heathrow and went to pick her up. I still remember this gorgeous looking blonde woman waling through arrivals. We met like old friends, got into the car and drove to the hotel. As soon as we walked through the door, we started to kiss passionately. The atmosphere was electric. We were literally tearing one another\'s clothes off... and before I knew it, she was lying on the bed, legs spread apart with my tongue flicking her juicy clit. MMMM she tasted awesome! Then I worked up her body, taking her tongue in my mouth while she slid my throbbing cock into her horny wet pussy. I was so turned on that I came within about 10 mins. I had fucked this woman within 20 minutes of picking her up from the airport and it felt amazing.

Within about 20 minutes I was hard again... she had been sucking my cock. This time she let me lay back as she took me in inch by inch. I still remember her deep blue eyes looking at me intensely. As she was riding me, I sucked her strawberry nipples which sent her over the edge... she climaxed and I could feel her cunt tightening around my cock... that was the first of many orgasms for her that night. She could not get enough.

We went to dinner and she rushed me back because she said that her pussy was aching for for my cock. In fact, I fell asleep after one of our sessions and was woken up at about 3am by her sucking my cock. As soon as she realised that I was awake, she spun around and lowered her pussy on my face... wow! what a feeling. Needless to say, we fucked again. We fucked a total on nine times from about 4 in the afternoon till 10 the next morning and the only reason I know this is because I had a pack of twelve condoms and was left with three in the morning. My cock was so numb by the end of it!

Martina came over again 2 months later, but that\'s another story...