Written by Sally-Anne

29 May 2009

The bloke had gone on a 3 week holiday with his mates, Greek island hoping and no doubt no shortage of bed hopping ! Lou made some saucy comments about me taking full advantage but to her (and my) surprise I declared that I would be like a nun for 3 weeks.

After 2 sex and alcohol free weeks, the nun habit ! was wearing a bit thin. Lou and the girls were going out clubbing on Saturday so I put on a short summer dress showing lots of leg and cleavage and hit the town. Sally-Anne was back !

After a few hours in Metro wine bar we went to Josephine’s club. The wine was taking its toll and I was soon dancing and flirting with a string of blokes who through my wine goggles all looked hot.

I think it was the song rather than the bloke that seduced me, a slow smoochy number and before long we were in a taxi and heading back to my flat, he was kissing me and squeezing and stroking my tits all the way back.

We went up to my flat and in the glare of the hall lights, my wine goggles cleared and he was not so hot, still, 2 weeks without sex so he would have to do !

We went into my bedroom and he was pulling off my dress and fumbling with my bra and soon I was naked and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. I pulled off his tie and unfastened his shirt, his chest was devoid of any hair which was a bit disappointing. Further disappointment was to come when he took off his trousers and pants. Sticking out and erect was the smallest cock I have ever seen, still, too late now to swap him for one of the other hunks from the dance floor and I have had a few small ones before and since which have still given me lots of orgasms.

I’m not really into deep throat but with this guy, I could take him all the way in without difficulty. I slid him in and out and rolled my tongue around his end for a while and he was obviously enjoying the treatment.

I stood up, pulled him over to my bed and lay down. He climbed on top of me and I guided him in to my waiting and hungry pussy. He slid his cock into me, I have had bigger fingers in me, and in no time at all, he was pumping hard into me and with a loud cry shot his spunk into me.

He seemed oblivious to my lack of orgasm and appeared very pleased with himself and kept telling me how fantastic I was and asking inane questions about why I had a double bed, why I sucked his cock !

By now, I was very frustrated and started to stroke his cock in the hope that second time around he might last a bit longer and at least give me some enjoyment. He soon hardened again. I decided to take control and I straddled him, slid his cock into my very wet pussy and started to ride up and down and round and round. However, his tiny dick kept slipping out so I rolled over, taking him with me and he took the hint and started to fuck me slowly at first but just as I started to get stirrings of an orgasm forming, he once again lost control and with another cry, came without getting me close.

By now, I was thoroughly pissed off with him and couldn’t believe it as he started planning our future together ! Eventually I told him it was all a mistake and made him leave.

I went back to bed, alone and very frustrated. For the first time in years, I decided to take things into my own hands. I slipped a finger into my very well lubricated pussy and began to stroke myself, gently at first and then with more vigour and before long, I was rubbing my clit and finger fucking my self until at last I had the orgasm I craved.

Sunday morning, I decided to be a nun again for another week and was counting off the days to the bloke to come back so I could shag myself senseless !