Written by Up4fun1982

30 May 2008

I used to work as an Estate Agent for the last 12 months, local to where i live, i have been on this site for a few months and chatted to a few people trying to arrange a daytime meet where i could accommodate during the daytime for an hour or so for some spur of the moment quick fun.

It was about 3 weeks ago i arranged to meet an older women at a property that i was selling, it was supposed to be one of those meets where you see how you get on before you take it any further.

After a few minutes of chatting and having a look round the house so if the neighbours noticed us it looked like a genuine viewing. Well we went into the kitchen at the back of the property, i asked for a kiss and at first she was a little nervous, after the first kiss we were both in heaven withing minutes her pants were round her ankles and I had her on the work surface and was screwing her brains out, she was loving every second of it.

She decided to get down from the work surface and asked me to do her from behind, who was I to refuse. As i did i started to finger her arse, as i did she started to squirt all over me, as much i as i love this it wasnt great as i was wearing my work uniform and it went all over my trousers.

After we finished we went our separate ways, said goodbye and how much we enjoyed ourselves.

She has text me a few times since then for a repeat performance, but as i have now been promoted i no longer work locally.