Written by Southhantsman

1 Nov 2009

Time for the next instalment………… after Thursday mornings exciting adventure , K and I had arranged to meet up on the following Tuesday as we would both be able to get out, I was due to be working but was sure I would be able to get away in time to meet.

I was also out working during the weekend and K was away , but at every opportunity K and I would be texting each other, The texts were getting very steamy and were obviously from her responses getting K very aroused, We were discussing what each other liked and enjoyed and what K would like to experience over the coming meets. It looked like there wasn’t very much that K wasn’t going to be wanting to try, she wanted deep hard shagging , wanted to be restrained , she said she loved sucking cock, and was getting very horny at the idea of trying to deep throat me, she explained that she loved anal but had little experience , so we discussed how we could get her to a point where she would be able to take a cock fully up her arse, I told her my likes and they all seem to tie up with what K was wanting to try after many years of sexual neglect. This constant stream of texts was certainly getting me very turned on , and I had a almost constant hardon struggling to burst through my jeans, If I could have had arranged to meet K straight away I certainly would have, I was wanting her so much.

K started to send me some pics that she had taken on her phone on Sunday, but I was unable to open them on my phone and would have to check them out later , this gave me an idea , as K has told me she has a tendency to be very sub and compliant. I sent her a text telling her I needed a photo of something inside her pussy , but not a sex toy, she was to send it to me as soon as possible………she explained that she may not be able to do it straight away, but I told her to do it very soon…. Shortly after a text arrived with a picture of a hairbrush handle inserted up K s pussy, and another close up of the handle showing her juices glistening on it, she sent another text , telling me she had never had anything like that in her before and had found doing it a huge turn on. The texting continued thro to Sun eve getting hornier and dirtier all the time.

On Monday I got the chance to send K some pics and a video by email, but she was away still and was unable to open them on her phone. Much to her distress, she was desperate to see what I had sent her; she was texting back saying how much she wanted my cock as she was getting extremely aroused. And how much she was looking forward to Tuesday…..

Tuesday arrived and we had arranged to meet up at 8pm at the same place we had before, unfortunately I was stuck at work and after a day of very horny and suggestive texting I had to text K and explain I couldn’t get to the meet for 8pm, I was gutted and so was she, we been on a sexual high all day building up to this, I received a text back from K asking what time I could be back? and was over the moon when she agreed to meet me a bit later when I had chance to get back from work, I couldn’t get away quick enough and was soon on the way down to meet her at the new time of 1030 pm………..to be continued……..