Written by Southhantsman

3 Nov 2009

1045 pm on Tuesday…… I managed to get to meet K in the place we first met despite the hassle from work. We drove off to a more secluded carpark and as soon as we had parked the cars , we dived in the back of my car. K was wearing a blouse with poppers rather than buttons which I ripped open exposing her gorgeous huge boobs encased in a lovely black lacy bra, we kissed passionately, our tongues probing deep into each others mouths as we rapidly lost the rest of our clothes, soon we were both completely naked . Her breasts felt fantastic as held them in my hands, rolling and pulling at her nipples, she had already told me how much she loves having her tits play with , soon her rock hard nipple was in my mouth as I teased it with my teeth and was licking around them , she was gasping as I held her nipple and lifted her breast as I ran my tongue under her amazing soft boobs.

K lay back on the seat as my hands moved over her sexy womanly body, she is no stick insect and has a wonderful full figure and just oozes sex appeal, as our temperatures rose, the windows of the car became more and more steamed up , matching the steamy action going on inside , I told K to spread her legs wide as I wanted to taste her juices and lowered my head to lick at her smooth shaven pussy, she was so wet and tasted so good as I ran my hot tongue around her outer lips in slow wide circles , her breathing getting heavier as I moved my tongue to her inner lips , occasionally dipping inside , savouring her juices as they soaked my face , I started to flick my tongue across her swollen clit as she bucked her hips and she forced her pussy onto my face, staying on her clit as she was loving this so much, I slipped my fingers deep into her , massaging the front wall of her pussy , K was in ecstasy, as I brought her first huge orgasm, she was so noisy , just like last time but more so as I now knew exactly how to bring her off .

After her orgasm had subsided I told her to suck my cock, and she would have to take it as far as she could , she held the base of it as she slid her mouth over my hard , hot cock, sliding it deeper into her mouth until she could take no more and was on the verge of gagging , she held it here for a few moments then started sucking up and down, moving off my cock and playing with and licking my balls. I moved her head back to my cock I wanted to be in her mouth so much and held the back of her hair as she greedily sucked away , this time taking me further in to her mouth, I was nearly cumming and didn’t want to so took my cock from her mouth.

K had brought some lube with her as well as her favourite vibe, she laid back again and a I dribbled some lube over her hot needy pussy, massaging it all over her lips , I poured some more onto my right hand and slow slid two, then three and finally four fingers deep into her , K was crying out saying how fantastic it felt as her pussy was fuller than it had ever been before, gasping as I folded my thumb in and slide my hand deeper into her , trying to get her to take my fist , she couldn’t take any more and was begging me to stop and to fuck her hard .

She moved on to all fours as I got behind her , sliding my cock deep into her pussy , so wet now with her juices mixed with the lube, I fucked her hard for several minutes then withdrew and took my tongue to her tight arse hole , spreading her cheeks wide apart as I ran the tip of my tongue around her hole, then slowly pushing it deeper into her , as she relaxed onto me I probed deeper fucking her arse with my tongue , telling her I was going to fuck her there soon….. my cock was ready so with some more lube I nudged it against her arse , she asked me to be slow and only put the end in , slowly I pushed against her feeling her muscles relax against the pressure, then I was in and she gasped aloud, very very slowly I slide some more cock into her , Im quite big and by now had about 2” inside her , all the while talking to her , telling her how hot and tight she felt , asking if she wanted more , yes she answered through her heavy breathing , I gradually slid deeper into her tight ass, until about ¾ of the way in , K said “no more, no more please “ so I slowly started to fuck her not going in any deeper. As we fucked she was writhing under me , circling her hips and groaning as I reached round and pulled at her nipples, she said she wanted her pussy fucking again but I said no, its my turn now, and slowly withdrew my hard cock from her hot arse. I moved back further on the car seat and allowed K full access to my cock , which she greedily sucked deep into her willing mouth, all the while wanking me with one hand and playing with my heavy balls with the other , slowly she slid one hand under me and started to circle my arse with her finger , I asked her to lube it with her pussy juice so she slid her finger around and into her still soaking pussy , getting a nice slippery covering all over her finger , she moved it back to my arse and very slowly pushed her finger deep up me as she continued to suck on my cock. Once again I was getting close to cumming but wanted to save my self for her , I told her to stop sucking now and to lie back , do you want my hard cock deep inside you ? I asked , “yes , yes now please fuck me hard , I want your cock in my pussy “was her breathless reply.

She also got out her favourite little pink vibe , small in size but very powerful, she placed this against her clit as I thrust deep into her feeling my ball slap against her as I fucked her really hard , the feeling of being inside her whilst experiencing the powerful vibrations against my cock was out of this world, in no time at all she was climaxing again and I could feel her muscles twitching against me inside her , this bought me to the edge and with a groan I came , shooting my cum deep into her ,( previously we had discussed safe sex and our sexual history and had decided to fuck bare back, Id also told her I would lick her clean after I had cum ) , so I took my cock out , and lowered my head towards her sexy pussy, it looked so horny with my cum dribbling out , I licked at her and scooped some spunk onto the end of my tongue, holding it in my mouth then moving up , I shared it with K in a deep sexy kiss , she hadn’t done this before and loved the taste of spunk mixed with her juices. I moved back down to her cunt and licked her clean, then started to slide just two fingers back into her and begin working on her G spot again, soon she was panting , groaning and crying out , saying “oh my god “ over and over again as she came to yet another mind blowing orgasm, No more she said so I stopped fingering her but left my finger knuckle deep inside as she came back down to earth , I gently once or twice tweaked her spot , sending her gasping into yet another orgasm, I kept her in this state for another ten minutes or so , she kept telling me how amazing it was and how she had never had any feelings like that before and couldn’t believe that finger could do so much!!

After we just sat in the back of the car naked , happy with each others company , basking in the after glow of an amazing session, chatting about all sorts of stuff , it felt so right just being naked , eventually we dressed and parted company , having finalised the details for our next meet at the hotel on Monday……..K and I will both be posting about Monday…….this was yesterday 2nd Nov , and as a little tease , we had a fantastic time spending 5 hours exploring Ks fantasy’s, taking her to places she’s not been to before…. …Ill be posting soon