30 Oct 2016

Well this was what she had thought she wanted, lying there on her back, dressed in Basque, crotchless knickers, stockings and fuck me shoes.

It had started with a stray hand, running down her back and when no opposition was given the hand moved to her thigh, stroking the outside to her knee and then slowly back up, this time inside her thigh and brushing against the opening in her knickers.

Another hand on the opposite side was caressing her neck and stroking down her front to cup a breast encased in the silky fabric, fingers searching for a nipple.

The first hand was now brushing forwards and backwards across the thin fabric of her knickers and stimulating her lips. Other hands were also inside her thighs, fingers slipped inside her, increasing her wetness.

She was laid down on her back and pulled towards the hands between her thighs, so her bottom was off the seat and supported by hands, kneading her buttocks and running down the gap between.

Her legs were pulled apart gently and held apart, stopping her from closing them or even moving much in response to the pleasure that had begun between her legs, a tongue making her want to writhe with the sensations building within her whilst fingers circled down towards her anus, gently probing.

A gentle teasing of her nipples with fingers and tongue started, making her arch her back both in response to the feelings and to enhance the touch.

Each side of her head, were two erections being fed to her, initially individually and now together, pushing into her mouth.

She felt so occupied and so full as her breathing increased, her body further arched, she tried to close her legs to no avail as her orgasm over took her body